Synchronicity Report

I’d like to share a few synchronicities I experienced these last couple of days with all of you. I will be including three receipts from the health food store I go to. I’ve had a hit on all three times I’ve visited.



Some of you many or may not be aware that 432 was the frequency that all musical instruments were tuned to until recently. It is said to be the frequency of the Universe. I personally tune most of my music to this frequency.



1022 is a big one for me. At the hospital we chart everything in military time. So 1022 in military time is 22:22. These are just a few of the dozens and dozens of synchronicities I experience on a daily basis. Today I walked into my room after I finished posting a video I made and the clock read 11:11. Gotta love it! This is all I have for now, thank you for reading and much love…

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