Synchronicity Report

I wanted to share some of the synchronicities that have occurred in the last couple of days. I just noticed that I started writing this article at 1:44:


I went to see a friend this morning at Denny’s after her doctor’s appointment and we had been talking for a while when I pulled out my phone and saw 11:11 am on the clock. My lock button has been broken for a while so I can’t do screen shots.

I’ve been seeing 2s a lot today. I went to the store today and saw a license plate in this auto car garage as having 2222 on it followed by a couple of other letters. I didn’t get a photo because I had to hurry and get my stuff from the store and then catch the bus. Speaking of which though I saw a bus that had a phone number of all 2s on it which I got a photo of with my iPod, the quality isn’t that great as the bus was on the other side of the street:



Interestingly today was David Wilcock’s 222nd episode of his show Wisdom Teachings:


I would also add that I have been seeing 108, 1008, 1080 a lot again also which I have written about in the past as it is a very important number in relation to sacred geometry. As I was sitting at the bus stop I saw a truck drive by with the identification number 108 on it. I tried to get a photo of it but I wasn’t quick enough.

I had just barely missed the bus that I wanted to catch as I was walking back to the stop which has happened before. I said okay there’s a reason why I missed this one. When I got on the next bus there was a lady from my apartment complex on it and we talked for a while on the way back, so that was the reason for the missed bus.

I also got home one day and when I walked into my room I was greeted with 1:08 on the clock:


There have been many more other synchronicities but these are the main ones I wanted to share! Thank you for reading and much love!

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