Synchronicity Report

I just wanted to report some amazing synchronicities that happened today. Well…they happen all day long for me and it would take all day to document them but here are a few that really stood out. I have been seeing 11:11 everywhere lately. It has really ramped up recently, possibly because of the Solar Eclipse.

My mom tagged me in this post today:


I went to check my blog a little while ago and got a nice numerical synchronicity:


I’ve been seeing 321 a lot also which could indicate a countdown to some event or a personal achievement of some kind. Either way this one was nice to see!

A little while ago I was wandering around my area listening to music and I remember briefly thinking of the number 555 as I have been seeing that one lately too. When I looked up I saw this parking lot space number right above me:


I hadn’t been to this part of the area where I was walking and I wasn’t really looking around for anything like this. Most numerical websites talk about 5 indicating big changes ahead. I did a live stream today and yesterday for the first time which was kind of scary but it went well for the most part and now I know how to do it so that could be related.

We are all doing things that we never thought we would do or say or think…I’ve learned that it’s important to just let things happen. Resistance, is futile. 🙂

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This is everything I have to report…for now. Light and love to you all.

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  1. hapsis2014 says:

    Thanks for being so candid on behalf of (I think) everybody who feels wobbly, and finds herself thinking at times: Hey! this was supposed to be fun! It is (kind of), but it is not always!

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