2 Pedogate Arrest Dreams

As I have written in previous articles my dreams have become a source of information and intel which I have come to use in my spiritual awakening and to help others around me. This morning (9/25) I had two separate dreams where I saw a large number of people being arrested for pedophilia. I was too tired to write both dreams down in detail but managed to scribe a summary on my iPhone.

I had another pedogate arrest dream a few weeks ago which I reported here. I am being guided to share these dreams now for some reason that I am currently unaware of. If I was to speculate, which I sometimes must do with these dreams in order to make sense of them, I would say that it could be a ‘brace yourself’ for more of this information to come out and to see actual arrests in larger numbers.


My iPhone home button stopped working a while back so I am unable to screen shot the text in a more flattering manor. Perhaps I will just record these dreams on my iPod so I can get better photos.

Now I am not saying this is going to happen now or later. It is inevitable though. I am just passing along the information as it comes to me in a (hopefully) responsible way. It should be noted that ‘full disclosure’ means being shown all of the horrific crimes committed against people and children; rape, torture, murder, disposal, etc. So when we ask for that we should be aware of what that really means and prepare ourselves for what will come when it happens.

Light and love everyone.

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