Another MILAB Memory Surfacing in a Dream?

I am being guided to share a possible MILAB memory that has come forward in the form of a dream this morning. It involved a written test which was administered in company of other young people. We were scored in a strange way with only 8 questions on the test with various number values assigned to each of us depending on how we did.

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(January 8th, 2017) MILAB Testing Dream

“Dream where I was part of a group of people being tested for something bigger that wasn’t apparent before beginning. There were several young people there with mixed genders. The test was made up of 8 questions which were hand-written in blue ink. I started the test late so I missed one.

I ended up scoring a 49 which was displayed on a screen along with everyone else’s. There were others who got a much higher score (triple digit and higher), and some who scored much lower. [I am not sure how the scoring was done given there was only 8 questions.]

I made it to a second even more difficult and confusing test near-by. Only a few were permitted to continue. I was surprised that my score allowed me to continue. The questions were seemingly hypothetical and very in-depth with many variables.

The first question was something like “This is/That is/There is __________ _______ _________ ___________ osseasement advanced.”

After I read the question in my head a woman with a stern voice said “How are they still alive?

The first page consisted of a collection of photos of flags, logos, rectangular shapes with different symbols on them. I saw different country’s flags, a pesticide logo – the entire page was full of these, it was very information dense.

I had to determine which of these factors played into the survival of these scientists upon exposure to something lethal. We weren’t given anymore information other than the question and the page of symbols and flags.

I also recall a young man not making it through, he was upset because he wanted to accomplish whatever we were being asked to participate in. I attempted to console him and said that he shouldn’t base his self-worth on a test. Rudely, the woman standing above us said ‘Incorrect’, as if this test did decided our worth.

This woman also mentioned a big paycheck if we had passed these tests. We didn’t know what we were being tested for. Well I didn’t at least. After trying to figure this out I woke up.”

Another couple of interesting notes, for some reason I felt like I had had this dream before. Like I remember the things the woman said. Also the terminology of the second round of questions were extremely scientifically-oriented and it became apparent that I was to use intuition/psychic abilities to answer them as I wasn’t versed in the science they were presenting. The scientific terminology was strange and not typical of ordinary language we use today. It was much more advanced.

This is all I have from the dream that I can remember. Thanks for checking this out and much love!

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5 Responses to Another MILAB Memory Surfacing in a Dream?

  1. truthearth says:

    Interesting about your dream…perhaps you were involved in that process somehow…some advanced souls are living parallel lives…;)

  2. Vani Smith says:

    Psychotronics impose looping, repetitive, recorded ‘dreams’ of nightmare psycho shit; similar 2 ur actual memory dreams. Harsh coercion present or implied.
    Cmd PB stardust may help 2 HEAL the distress given by any such memory /dreams.
    Whether memory or psychotronics, all of this = Cabal /anomaly-minion agenda 2 produce loosh 4 various uses … During flashbacks as well as during original event/s. The gift that keeps on giving!
    So I’m working 2 take back my ownership of my nrg.
    Be well all!

  3. It’s interesting, do you think you have actually done this test then previously?

    I have some strange things sometimes like straining of the legs. I prefer not to think of such things and if I do have any situations of being “elsewhere” during the night I trust these will be revealed later.

    I had a dream once where I was in the room with the Alliance who were torturing a cabal member, a knock on the door was the police and I was told to try and get rid of him but if he seemed suspicious/ inquisitive to kill him and I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT planned on doing that. It was strange how detailed the emotion was for a situation I have apparently never been in.

    I do not have any military background although I do have a royal bloodline background (on both sides!) I had strange experiences when I was young such as the room moving onto its side and me almost falling out of bed. I wonder if when my mother used to come in at night and I would attack her in my sleep (a situation that has never recurred, I am not a sleep walker) if that was entities trying to make sure she didn’t get the habit of coming in in case she rumbled them.

    Huh…. 3:33! Seriously I’m on GMT time! That would seem to be a confirmation.

  4. truthearth says:

    How cool! He is the one that turned me onto synchronicity in general so that is another synchronicity…ha yeah no doubt, rice is one I’ve read…:) Much love!

  5. jstlouise says:

    haha.I’m going to pull a David Wilcock on you — This post was published at 3:33pm
    just something funny i noticed after reading.

    thanks for sharing your dreams. keep dreaming them!
    i know there are some foods we can start eating to boost these lucid visions.
    it’s a bunch of research i haven’t done yet.
    k. gotta go.

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