Major Synchronicity Report

I am being guided to provide some new synchronicities that have happened in the last week or so. Some of these again may sound unbelievable but I will do my best to provide the best photographs I can. I would also like to reiterate that I have never had any intention of deception or distortion, what you see is what you get! Most of these photos are taken in close proximity to my current residence, I am only walking around when snapping these photos.

The first one was from the other day where I saw an ad for something in regards to Thor on the ASU announcement billboard. I believe this is synchronistic with Operation Mjolnir and the Hammer of Thor that Cobra has written about. This also happened to be photo number 444:


This next one I took a couple days ago took me until today to realize that my birthday was encoded in this set of numbers:

555 – 222 = 333 + 77 = 410



Right across the road was a 101:


On the way there though I found a 100 and 37 which I have found may have connections with Jesus:


While walking up the road to the park I found another 410 hidden in the numbers on this electrical box:

9 + 5 = 14 | 8 + 2 = 10 = 1410 = 410


Also got lucky 7s at the gas station near-by:


On the way back (this is all on the same road BTW) I encountered a large building with 410 in the address which I have written about before but didn’t have a photo of until now:


Right in front of this building was some pipe-work that had 410 on it. If we add the 4, 2 and 8 at the beginning we get 14 which would make a 14410 = 144:


Two buildings over we have an LDS church of Jesus Christ. This also happened to be photo 303 which would give us the 33 which is sometimes associated with JC:


The following was quite the interesting number: 1101 (2301 = 1101, military time, in the phone number in the photo). I had been getting this one for weeks and months but this one didn’t make any sense, until I did a little math:


If we plug in the 1111 from the interesting numbers play I did with my birthday:


410 ÷ .369 = 1111.11111111…:

1101 + 1111 = 2212

As some of you may remember from previous posts this was an interesting bible verse (again I am not religious but simply trying make some possible sense of these numbers, I was shown a 410 bible verse in a dream before):


2212 also happens to be the Greek Gematria value of my full name Jonathan Patrick Carty without changing the letters in anyway:


In this above verse we see that they are talking about the return of Jesus. It’s interesting that so far I have not been led AT ALL to any doom and gloom verses. The ones I have been guided to have been about Jesus coming.

Now this interestingly coincides with a series of 9s (see the Feb 19, 1999 date above) I got yesterday while watching some YouTube videos. This one was in the queue…


On this same page there was a series of 3 6 and 9s:


It is also interesting to note that 1101 is the Gematria value for ‘Wolf Totem’ which happens to be an intense and grand synchronicity that happened last year as of the time of this writing:


I was also guided to snap a photo of a bus that was going by which happened to be bus number 5115. I know it is a little hard to see, especially the last digit, but that definitely was the identification number. 515 = Jesus:



And to conclude this report ‘they’ guided me to snap a photo of this 1000 (also a Jesus-related number) on a dumpster near-by which I didn’t want to do at first but ‘they’ said do it anyway:


What do all of these numbers mean? Ultimately, that is up to each person to decide. It will be interesting to see what they lead to at the time of The Event. Much love everyone!

PS I just went to find a video to add to this and was guided to choose the one about Ascension and it just happened to have 2,333 views:


PPS They are also guiding me to add that this happens to be post number 21315. 315 in military time is 1515 = 515 = Jesus.


PPPS After adding an additional synchronicity I would like to include that I finished updating this post at 4:32 PM:


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