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As I do with all the other Jesus Synchronicity posts I would like to share that these will be of a personal nature and if you find that this isn’t your thing then you are free to disregard this post per your free will.

Some of these are going to be quite bold but these latest synchronicities have me feeling rather excited instead of anxious now. I personally believe they are perfectly synchronized with the progress of the Light Forces. Since we are in the final stages of the end of Duality from the Universe forever these synchronicities are getting stronger and more undeniable.

Of course they can be denied but they can’t be debunked, as many are literally embedded in mathematics, particularly in regards to sacred geometry. Even if all synchronicities on this blog were somehow deleted forever, The Jesus Synchronicities could easily still be manifested by math, Gematria and religious texts.

Just to give people an idea of how much I didn’t care for Jesus or religion in general I will share photos of a couple of shirts my co-worker and I bought together years ago. This may trigger some people so please realize my thoughts are obviously much different now (about Jesus anyway, I still don’t care for religion). The one on the left says ‘Poof’ and the one on the right says ‘Jesus Had Two Dads’:

Upon searching for specific number combinations in Pi I found some interesting connections:


When looking for 1111 in Pi I found it proceeded the number 144. And if we remember from previous posts I was born on April 10th which is the 100th day of the year which is equal to 144,000 minutes. Synchronistically since I was born in the year 1990, this was the beginning of the new decade, 90, which can be reduced to 9 which is a number of completion.



I would also reiterate that if we divide 410 by .369 we get 1111.1111111…However if we do the same thing but without the decimal point we get 1.111111111…Here we see the one repeating itself infinitely, which is all the Universe is, it’s all One forever:



You can check this yourself by clicking the photo above or using a calculator at home. I would also draw attention to the number of times the 1111 appears in the first 200M digits of Pi which is 20266. If we add the 6s we get 12 and if we drop the 0 we would get 2212. As I have written before this appears to be a bible verse in the book of Revelation which states the following:


I would like to bring attention to the position of this 1111 in Pi which was 12700. This is a significant number that appears in Septenary Gematria which is calculated as follows:

Upon plugging in the following question into this Gematria calculator I was greeted with a 127. I posed it as a question instead of a statement in order to maintain free will of those reading this:


We even see that this sentence is exactly 33 letters, which is closely associated with Jesus and an important occult number. It is a total of 8 words which is also a number associated with Jesus. So as we can see, this information is encoded in basic mathematics and can’t be refuted. Everything here can very easily be verified by those reading this at home.

127 also happens to the value of ‘The Guardians’ in the most simple cipher:

127 the guardians.png

We will also see the 410 repeating when using the same sentence from the ALW Kabbalah Gematria cipher:


This Gematria cipher is significant because it calculates the letters by assigning every 11th letter a number. It is interesting to note the 11 appearing here. It is also interesting to note that the ‘Sun’ goes through 11 year cycles:

Related image

(Wikipedia) “As there are ten squares per column, this method is equivalent to taking every eleventh letter of the alphabet as the order and then assigning them sequential values:”


Upon plugging in this above sentence to another Gematria calculator, one created by Marty Leeds, which was featured on, I got a surprising result:


The full value of the sentence is 100 which is reduced to 1 which is what I have shown above in the math equation and my date of birth being the 100th day of the year. It is also interesting to note that the background photo he has for the calculator are the digits of Pi.

I would also like to bring attention to the numbers 22 and 7. Upon researching this information I discovered that the ancient form of Pi was calculated by dividing 22 by 7. This is a number that has frequently appeared for me which I have documented several times on this blog.

I would like to reiterate that multiplying the result of 22 divided by 7 times 410 twice equals 528 and the calculation of Ancient Pi proceeding this:


Here we see the 528 which is the Love Frequency, which is all the Universe is also, Unconditional Infinite Oneness and Love.

It is also interesting to note that the Angel Number’s website has a date of 8/25 for the number 410. 825 backwards is 528 so here we see the Love Frequency number appearing again along with the 410. This screenshot was just taken upon visiting this website moments ago as of the time of this writing:


Above we see several synchronicities: the 320 in the view count was the cost of my QHHT session where I was shown many Jesus-related visions, 777 is another great one, and the time I capture this screenshot happened to be 10:44 which can be reduced to 144. We also see the date it was published which was 8/25 which would be 528 backwards and the year being 2011 = 528/11.

One of the most interesting synchronicities so far was when I was searching for information about Gematria and it is sad to say that there really isn’t a whole lot of public interest in it despite its obvious value in discovering hidden information in numbers. I found that there was a man who published a numerical index for every word in the King James Version of the Bible in 1890 and was called ‘Strong’s Concordance’:

(Wikipedia) “Each original-language word is given an entry number in the dictionary of those original language words listed in the back of the concordance. These have become known as the “Strong’s numbers”.

The main concordance lists each word that appears in the KJV Bible in alphabetical order with each verse in which it appears listed in order of its appearance in the Bible, with a snippet of the surrounding text (including the word in italics). Appearing to the right of the scripture reference is the Strong’s number.

This allows the user of the concordance to look up the meaning of the original language word in the associated dictionary in the back, thereby showing how the original language word was translated into the English word in the KJV Bible.”

The numerical designation for the original Hebrew word ‘God’ or ‘El’ is 410:


I would like to reiterate that the Jewish Gematria value of ‘The Son of God’ is 410:


I would reiterate that Jewish Gematria is one of the oldest forms of Gematria which goes back thousands of years. Which means that someone or something decided that ‘The Son of God’ was going to be calculated to 410 in English long ago.

I also happen to find that the words ‘Builders’ equaled 410 in Jewish Gematria:


I would now like to bring attention to a Chinese food flier that was left on my and my neighbors’ doors the other day. The name of the restaurant is ‘Jc’ and their phone numbers end in 8888 and 8880:


At first I thought this was a joke but it turns out it is a real restaurant:

The significance of this flier is the name ‘Jc’ and the phone numbers which end in 8888 and 8880. 8880 is the Gematria value of Jesus per one person’s excellent research which I have included in previous posts. I have personally calculated the math that this person has suggested and the numbers he provides do equal 8880:


It is interesting to note that 7 divided by 22 equals .318181818…So if we invert the calculation of Ancient Pi we get .318 which is the Greek Gematria value of ‘Sun’:


I would also like to include that the soap I have been buying has been made by a company whose headquarters is in a city with a zip code of 41018 with the expiration date being 7/22:


They have been in business since 1839 which if we convert this to military time we get 639 which is another expression of the sacred 3, 6 and 9.

Interestingly, I found an article about Operation Cobra (not the current one that is ongoing) that was written on July 22 = 7/22:


I have found that the English Gematria value of Operation Cobra is 701:


Image result for english extended gematria

As I have written about before 701 plus 410 equals 1111:


701 is also the value of the words ‘Five Fifteen’ which is the Gematria value of ‘Jesus’:



If we plug in ‘Jesus’ to the Marty Leeds Gematria calculator we get the following value. He is using the Septenary Gematria calculation:


Interestingly I have a small receipt with much of this information on it:


Above we the time of the sale was 2:32 which is 14:32 in military time which can be reduced to 432. Then we see the date, which if done by day month and year, is 14/10/17 so here we see the 410 again. Then we see the price 4.56 and the REF# (whatever that happens to mean) being 567 indicating steps forward. The address of the restaurant is 3515 so here we see the 515. And the last four of my card being 1063 which I have included in previous posts which is the Gematria value for ‘Jesus is Coming Soon’:


It is interesting to note that the word ‘Liberation’ is also 456 using the same Gematria cipher:


While walking home a few days ago as of the time of this writing I was greeted with a 2256 on one of those electric boxes near the hospital. If we add the 2s we get 4 so the number would be 456:


I would also like to add now that 410 plus 1111 equals 1521 which would be military time for 321:


I have documented many countdown synchronicities in previous posts but never did the simple math equation above. Interestingly, this is the exact length of a video I was guided to create titled ‘The Golden Age Approaches’:

21glden age.png

As of the time of this writing, the video currently has 144 likes:

144golden age.png

It is also interesting to note that the song ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe has a length of 4:56:


I would now add a clearer picture of the room number I may or may not work in along with its maintenance identification number which are synchronistic numbers. There are letters in front of the number that I wanted to erase to ensure as much privacy of this area as possible:


Here we see the 444 on the room identification sign which also happens to be the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ using the English Sumerian cipher:


The door identification number 4400 is also in-step with the show ‘The 4400‘ which featured a man named Jordan Collier who plays the role of the equivalent of Jesus which leads the 4400 group of people with abilities to create a new Earth free from Cabal control:

Image result for the 4400

Image result for the 4400 jordan collier

His disappearance date by the Blue Spheres from the future was April 10th:


It is interesting to note the Gematria value of ‘Sphere Being Alliance’ is 410:

sphere being alliance

And the value for ‘The Blue Avians’ is 1111:

The blue avians

It is interesting to note that the Blue Avians can become Blue Spheres, which, in the show, is how the 4400 were transported and ultimately dropped off on Earth:

Image result for the 4400 blue

Synchronistically, while searching for the above photo, I found that the website that published their review of the show was dated on 11/11:


There are many many more synchronicities that can be included here but I am being guided to stop here at this time. The other ones can be included in future posts if need be. Once again I would like to reiterate here that I have no intent of deception or distortion. My intent is to provide the truth as honestly as possible as I perceive it.

My guidance has been showing me the way especially at this time and ‘they’ are guiding me to write these posts which some may or may not find of interest or they might find them to be outrageous. It is the will of the Cosmos that your Free Will be preserved and encouraging whenever possible which is why I always include the disclaimers at the beginning.

In the show Doctor Who, which is about a time traveling ET who goes on adventures in throughout the Universe with a companion, they strongly emphasize the importance of Free Will. The Doctor even made her companion write an essay on the subject. This is one of many examples of external sources attempting to communicate the fundamental principles of the Universe to us.

Thank you for checking these synchronicities out and I wish each of you much love as always!

PS It is interesting to note today’s date 3/8/18 which, if we add the first 3 and 8 we get 11 and if we add the numbers in 2018 we get 11 again and so here we have 11/11:



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