More Pi Day/Countdown/Personal/Jesus Synchronicities

This post will be in-step with the theme of Pi Day synchronicities but I will be including other ones also. There will be personal and Jesus synchronicities so if these aren’t your thing they you are free to disregard this post per your free will. I would encourage those who feel guided to continue to see these through a lens without bias and perceive them objectively. I have given up my biases towards religious subjects and it has opened so many doors with countless pieces of information that have been key to my awakening.

The countdown synchronicities come and go in waves and frequently do result in something happening of a personal nature. However, sometimes they predict bigger events on the global stage. I can not tell which it will be but I have found some that are very interesting that I will be sharing below – as always discernment is advised.

We know the gematria value for the number 925 is ‘Jesus Christ’:


If 925 is spelled out we get a 2359 in Jewish gematria which is one of the oldest ciphers that exists, going back thousands of years. 2359 is military time for 11:59 – one minute to midnight, in military time midnight would look like 0000:


This is in addition to a van with the last four digits of the phone number being 2359 which was driving around my area recently:


The individual value of the first three letters for the name Jesus is 456. This number has come up repeatedly while researching gematria and the other subjects mentioned here:


456 in certain gematria is the value of the word ‘Liberation’:


456 also happens to be the length of the video ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe. It is also interesting to note that 437M view count. If we add the 3 and 7 we would get 410:


The value of the words ‘The Final Countdown’ in Septenary gematria is 63. This is the same gematria used to calculator the value of the name Jesus which is listed in the previous photo:


The position of 63 in the Pi position calculator is 312 which can be divided into itself and is an expression of the sacred 3, 6 and 9. What is more important than this is the number after it = 155:


155 in the Pi position calculator is 314:


I would compound this with a dream I had on December 2nd, 2015:

“Dreamt of meeting up with an older woman who showed me crystals and wisdom. So I was at this hotel and I was supposed to be meeting up with my brothers. They got lost and couldn’t find their room. Also I had driven there and was surprised my car ran. I knew it was broken but realized it was running in the dream. I left it running because I knew the starter was bad. I found the hostel room. It was room 155.

Then I remember a lady being there and my brothers being gone. I think I was in a different room now. She showed me some quartz crystals. I saw striations on them like on mine but no triangles. They were beautiful though. We talked for a bit about this and that. I don’t remember what about now.”

Let us continue. The Greek gematria value of Jesus “Ἰησοῦς” is 888:

gematria: Jesus = 888

If we spell out Pi as ‘Three Point One Four’ we get 888:


I can’t say exactly what this number means as it would be giving too much personal information away but typing in 314 into the Pi position calculator will result in a number that is very close to me:


While writing about the Q posts I recall him posting a date which was 7/10. That triggered several other synchronicities of the same number after that:


I didn’t understand why this number was appearing until I went back and did some research. 710 appears on electrical boxes near the hospital and on cars parked in the apartment complex parking lot where I live:


I discovered that the beginning of the Jesus Synchronicities occurred after a dream I had where I was shown a bible verse (again I have no interest in religion) which was John 4:4 to 4:10. My birthday happens to be 4/10. The date of this dream was October 7th, so 7/10. I just noticed that I took this screenshot at 14:12 which is military time for 2:12:


(Synchronistically, this happened to be photo number 0522, which, if we just took the 522 would be military time for 1722. And I have written before about 722. 22 divided by 7 is how Ancient Pi was calculated.)

If we plug in 522 into the Pi position calculator we get position 534, which isn’t so remarkable. What is more remarkable is the sacred 639 that appears before the 522 in the string of numbers. Also, if we examine the 473 which comes after the 522, we can reduce the 7 and 3 to equal 10 and here we see the 410 appear:


Moving along, interestingly, if we plug in the gematria value of ‘I Am Ra’ (121) in to Pi we get a position of 710:

i am ra 121.png


If we reduce the surrounding numbers 561 = 111 and 29 = 11. So that would result as ‘1111211’. Here we see an 1111 appearing.

If we type in ‘Be Not Afraid Jesus Is Here’ into the gematria calculator we get 121 again:

jesusis here.png

If we plug in the number 1000 into the Pi calculator we get a couple of hits. 1000 is a number closely associated with Jesus and a number that appears to me frequently:


The numbers that come before 1000 is 710. The numbers after are 313 and they appear when I type them into Google along with Jesus:


Below we see Jesus’ name and the number 100 and 1000 appear in two ciphers. It is interesting to add that April 10th is the 100th day of the year:

jesuschrist 10000.png

If we type in ‘Enlightenment’ we get a value of 659 which if plugged into the Pi position calculator we get 212. Below we even see the sacred geometric number 756 appearing before the 659:



If we type in ‘The Sun’ into the gematria calculator we get 663, which if plugged into the Pi position calculator is number 1550. So here we see the 155 appear once again:



If we divide 410 by 8 we get 51.25. This number is relevant to celestial mechanics as it is the number of years that makes up 1/5th of the Earth’s precession. Upon plugging this number into the Pi position calculator we get position of 1842 which isn’t so important but the numbers after 5125 being 205. 205 plus 205 = 410.


There are many more of these that can be listed but I will finish off with one last one which will be rather bold. Discernment advised of course. I am just plugging in words and numbers here, what they mean is up to you:


Above we see the number 39 appearing again and 138 which I have written about extensively before and is the numerical identification of the street I live on:

PS Amazingly, my apartment complex address may or may not be in the following string of numbers before or after the 1111:



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