Personal, The Matrix, Ra, Star Trek, Jesus and Other Synchronicities Report

I would like to share and document some interesting signs and synchronicities that have been appearing lately. As with the previous posts I am having great difficulty trying to organize these as they are all intimately interconnected and there are now at least 2-3 dozen of them with more being uncovered almost daily. What they mean is ultimately up to each person reading this, per their guidance to continue reading. Most of them will be of a personal nature.

I would like to note that I am not entirely sure if what I am doing is correct with sharing these synchronicities and signs. Everything here is being done by ‘The Leap of Faith’, as the saying goes…I am putting my trust into the Universe by researching and publishing these. I am not sure of the end game here but I suppose that’s how this works sometimes!

Now the first was an interesting find in regards to another Ra connection. Below we see the value of the phrase ‘I Am Ra Victory of the Light’ as 1776 which was the year the United States declared its independence as a country. We also see that this is 22 letters and 7 words, which if we divide 22/7, we know is the approximate value of Pi:


To include some more personal ones, upon entering my full birthdate 04/10/90 into the Pi calculator it was shown that this sequence of numbers appears 191 times in the 200 million digits calculated. Some might remember that 191 in the Pi calculator is 1944, which was the year of the prophecy that Ra-Tier-Eir asked Corey Goode to post:



Interestingly, the Leap of Faith concept keeps coming up over and over throughout these works and in my own personal life. Recently I was spontaneously guided to go back and watch an episode of Star Trek: Voyager titled ‘Sacred Ground‘ where Captain Janeway goes through a ritual in order to save a member of her crew.

The entire premise of the show was reflecting the Leap of Faith. Before going into the gematria stuff I would like to add a couple of interesting things that they appear to have disclosed in this episode. They do indeed say the phrase ‘Leap of Faith’:

leap of faith.png

During the ritual, Janeway is asked to hold a large black stone. At first this seemed unremarkable until something happened and the stone appeared to have light coming from inside of it. It looked just like a Cintamani stone:

cintamani stone.png


Here is what they look like in reality:

Image result for cintamani stone

Image result for cintamani stone

Janeway proceeds to another portion of the ritual where she places her arm into a pot with some kind of creature inside which bites her and leaves three circular bite marks on her forearm. This bears a strong resemblance to the Cintamani stones seen in various religious paintings, thanks to the research of William Henry:

cintamani bite mark.png


This three stone pattern also appears in the epic reality-reflecting video ‘In-Shadow‘. First they are dark, then they emanate light:



If we plug the phrase ‘The Leap of Faith’ into the gematria calculator we get a couple of interesting hits. First we see the 6 and 9 which represent the idea that everything is a mirror of everything else:


We get its ‘mirror’ when we plug in ‘Jesus Christ’ and use the base-6 cipher:


Upon entering 609 into the pi calculator we get a position of 127:


This number 127 appears frequently, some examples of this you can find here and here. We get a value of 60 in the Septenary cipher for the words ‘Thirty Three’, which was the age of Jesus when he was crucified:


As we have mentioned before, 515 is the value of ‘Jesus’ using the same cipher:


The previously mentioned 60 also gets us position 127 in the Pi calculator:



The value of this phrase is also 65 using the Chaldean cipher:


65 happens to be position 7 in the Pi calculator, which is another sacred number that is fundamental to the Universe:


I have found some more interesting personal connections to The Matrix that I would like to share here. The page identification number for that movie on Netflix begins with the number 205, which is half of 410:


Some may recall that 410 appears at the end of the first movie next to the system failure sign:

the matrix 410 system failture.png

And 410 happens to be the gematria value of Christ:


Upon entering ‘Four Ten Jesus Christ’ into the gematria calculator I got a 1756. I found this on a near-by sign some weeks back and was trying to figure out what it meant and it appears that this is it:



I can only hope Aurora the cat was found…

I am not certain about the next couple of synchronicities but the numbers match interestingly. We might remember the 127 that was mentioned earlier along with the 1756, this happens to be Mozart’s birthdate: January 27th, 1756. Interestingly, upon getting the following photo the search results count came up with a 127:



I am being guided to close this particular post out for now. Thank you to those who felt guided to stick around to read all of this. Much love everyone!

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