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I would like to continue to unload some more of these synchronicities in this post. Most of them will be of a personal nature so if this is not something someone is interested in they are free to disregard this post per their free will.

410 appears to be this strange number where so many of these connections are found. It appears as a date for a handful of major historical events along with being integral to sacred geometry and religious texts. A couple examples are as follows:

We know 410 divided by the sacred 369 equals 1.11111….which goes on literally infinitely.

410 minus 369 equals 41. So it is the 410 but without a zero.

41 appears many times throughout these works and it is even the floor where Neo and Trinity stop at to arm a bomb to disable the power to the building where Morpheus is being held at by the Smith Agents:


Some might remember the importance of the number 37 and 73. Multiplying these reflective numbers together equals 2701 which is the Hebrew gematria value of the first verse of the bible. These numbers also make up the amount of dots in a Merkaba:


In Pi we find 2701 directly next to 410:


410 also plugs into the numbers 37 and 73 perfectly:

410 minus 37 equals 373.

410 minus 73 equals 337.

Here we see the same numbers repeating and reflecting each other. We even see a 33 in the previous calculation, which is a number closely associated with Jesus. And some might remember that 410 is the gematria value for ‘Christ’.

While walking around the other day I found an interesting sign that I had walked past for years but never looked at:


This photo was taken a while ago and it happened to be photo number 370 at the time it was taken. So here we see ‘Christ’y and the 37 appearing at the same time.

Upon entering the city where I live and Jesus C. I got some interesting hits:


2068 in the Pi calculator is 10610. If we drop the zero at the beginning we get 1610, which is military time for 410. We even see a 73 next to 2068:


If we look at the Septenary cipher for this phrase we get 102. This should be familiar as it is buried within the 410 and 2701 that was included earlier:


We even see a 102 and 410 next to 1944 (the date of the prophecy shared by Corey Goode via Raw Tier Eir’s recommendation) in Pi, which is the gematria value of ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’:



‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ also give us a value of 297 which doesn’t seem too remarkable until we enter it into Pi. We see the reflective numbers 737 once more:



We get the same 737 when we plug in the phrase ‘I Am Ra Wolf’. The Wolf is my spirit animal and it appears whenever I need guidance. We also see the 33 appear here:


I have also discovered some interesting connections to the Mayan Calendar. It allegedly began in the year 3114 B.C.E. It is interesting that this year was chosen because if we lose one of the 1s we get 314 which is Pi which is an important number to any advanced civilization.

The various intervals of time are split up into sacred geometric amounts:


It is interesting to note that April 10th is the 100th day of the year where 144,000 minutes will have passed so far:


And according to the Mayan Calendar each minor cycle equals to 5,125 years. We are also able to obtain this number by dividing 410 by 8. Upon making this calculation Google found results with a number count of 144 in it, in 0.44 seconds:


We also see a 205, which is half of 410, next to 5125 in the Pi calculator:


The Mayan Calendar obviously reflects the movements of celestial bodies, including Earth as it takes 25,920 years to complete a Precession which is the wobble of the Earth on its axis. This is also known as a Master Cycle.

If we spell out 25,920 and enter it into the gematria calculator we get some amazing results:


If we enter 471 into the Pi calculator we get 1221. Which is the end date of the Mayan Calendar, December 21st, 2012:


The second appearance of 5028 appears directly next to 410 and 2701 in the Pi calculator also. 528Hz is a frequency in the Universe also known as the Love Frequency. We even see a 11174 which can be reduced to 11111 if we add the 7 and 4:


We also see 528 directly under the 410 on the system failure scene at the end of The Matrix:


205 continues to appear in more than one place. Some might remember from the last post that 205 appears as the beginning number for the page identification for The Matrix on Netflix:


The gematria value for ‘Star Trek Voyager’ is 205:


205 appears in an address for an apartment complex very close to mine:


205 and JC appears on a license plate in the new Stargate Origins series:


And the gematria value of ‘The Initiation‘ is 810 which is 205 in the Pi calculator:


This is everything I am being guided to include this time around. There is much more but I do not wish for these posts to go on too long. Much love everyone!

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