Cobra Code 504 Synchronicities

This is going to be a post that I have been itching to do for a while. While the connections may or may not be real or perhaps just coincidental, I will share them here and allow everyone to decide for themselves.

Recently Cobra gave us a hint at what 504 might mean in a post he made a month or two ago. Once in a while it will be communicated that some kind of activity is happening at 504. To that effect he posted a badge with the phrase ‘A lifetime of silence behind the green door’:

One of the only references I was able to find with this phrase was from Urban Dictionary:

(Urban Dictionary)

“This is a military patch originating from the 504th flight test squadron, operating out of Groom Dry Lake, and Los Alamos AFB. Most of these projects are classified, and bearers of this patch are prohibited from discussing their occupation, hence, “A Lifetime of Silence”.

In a 1930’s novel and a 1980’s pornographic film, they both have green doors that a character cannot gain access to. In addition, the military, and most banks, use green vaults. So, the GreenDoor could be referencing that there are secrets that the public dosen’t have access too. The true meaning of this patch is currently classified, and most likely will not be declassified in our lifetimes.

A lifetime of silence, behind the green door is the motto of the 504th FlightTest Squadron…

#lifetime of silence#behind the green door#green door#504#504th#groom lake#area 51#los alamos

by AFC. Stanoff May 13, 2012″

Interestingly, 504 is the address of the headquarters for the Men in Black, where every sort of classified project you could probably imagine is going on:


Amazingly, the gematria value of the titled of the movie ‘Men in Black’ is 504:


504 also happens to be the gematria value of ‘Sir Francis Bacon’:


5040 happens to be the address of a store near-by:


504 is also in the phone number of a place I go to eat sometimes that is also near-by:


504 also appears in another phone number for a store I went to recently. More specifically on April 10th and the check out time was 13:44 which is 1:44 in military time:


And it just wouldn’t be a proper investigation without using gematria and the Pi calculator to see what else was happening beneath these words!

The phrase ‘A Lifetime of Silence Behind the Green Door’ registers a couple of interesting connections. Interestingly I have been getting some of the number values of this phrase with various ciphers for weeks but wasn’t sure what to make of them: 510, 202, 1020 and so on. We will be focusing on the Jewish and Septenary ciphers for this one:


915 in the Pi calculator gives us 1314, so here we see Pi repeating again:


We might possibly see the 210 next to the 915 in the Pi sequence as military time for 1410, so here we would see the 410 appear.

But if we continue on and go back to the 149 we got from this phrase using the Septenary cipher we get a Pi position of 2606:


2606 also happens to be the value of the same phrase as before, but with ‘Five Zero Four’ added to it: ‘A Lifetime of Silence Behind the Green Door Five Zero Four’. The 510 we will get to in a second:


If we enter ‘Five Zero Four’ into the gematria calculator we get a couple of interesting hits. Below we see the Francis Bacon cipher giving us 244:


We might remember that the phrase previously mentioned before which equals 510.
244 happens to be position 510 in Pi:


We could even see the 1691 in the Jewish cipher being numbers that mirror one another. The 16 flipped and mirrored as would be the same with the 91.

The 161 that we got from the words ‘Five Zero Four’ give us a 1610 in the Pi calculator, which is 410 in military time:


This post just happens to be number 22161 so here we see the 161 appearing once again. (BTW I don’t create the post numbers, they are automatically chosen when I click ‘Write’ to do a post.)


A wonderful reader sent me a photo of a scene from X-Files a while back where a room number that Molder was in front of had 504 on it. Thank you Grace!


This is everything that I am being guided to include for this post. Thank you for checking it and I wish each of you much love!

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