Blue Sphere Synchronicities

These will be of a personal nature so if this is not something that interests someone then they are free to disregard this post per their free will.

Upon examining a piece of Orgone jewelry that I bought a while ago (October 20th, 2015) I realized another possible connection to the Blue Avians. The short version of this story is that I wanted to buy an ET-themed necklace and found one I liked. It had already been sold and the kind store owners offered me another one which was the following design instead:


I don’t recall knowing anything about the Blue Spheres or the Blue Avians at the time so this makes for an interesting synchronicity. And the eye in the pendant is the Eye of Horus and not the Eye of Ra. But the possible Egyptian/Blue Sphere connection is interesting to note.

There are several hits when we plug-in ‘Blue Sphere’ into the gematria calculator:


111 was the first ‘one’ to jump out. Get it? One? Anyways…615 is an interesting synchronicity as it is the building number where my great-great-grandmother’s book of poetry ‘Overtones’ was published in 1958. Her poems are teeming with beauty and depth, some of which I personally believe were influenced by her dreams and her ‘friends in the sky’ as she put it:


The next number has already been known and well-researched, 163.

And for those who are still frightened of the next number, 666, remain calm as this is a number that is originally positive, as all numbers are, and is intimately connected to the Sun, Jesus and Venus and likely many more things.

This is everything for this post. I am just including this stuff as a possibility. There is no way to know 100% if this necklace is Ra-related or not. But the information seems compelling. Much love everyone!


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