Magical Synchronicities Today

Some amazing things have been happening since quitting my job. I am on a new path now. Instead of going to work, I am experiencing more exercises in trusting the Universe and more synchronicity than ever before. No one did it for me, in fact, everything so far has been done by my own hands and Free Will. With ‘their’ help of course. A lot of help…Lol

To this mere mortal I perceive synchronicity as magic. I don’t know how they are able to arrange certain things or work with our free will to make us turn our heads to see the clock at the exact moment it turns 11:11. All I know, is that it works and it’s real.

Today I’ve discovered some very interesting things that I wish to document here. The first thing is that today is July 7th (7/7). This number is a very special number which applies to many different aspects of reality.

I wanted to share that the words ‘Jesus’ and ‘Gematria’ share the same values for 4 different ciphers. In my experience so far I don’t think I’ve come across two different words with mostly different letters which share the values of 4 different ciphers. There may be other words, but the study of gematria is very limited and not many people (if any at all) are using it the way I am using it:



To me this is a huge clue and heads up that this research is on the right track. Gematria is just as importantly a part of mysticism as any other occult study. Let’s consider this. If Sir Francis Bacon shaped our language to what it is today (which he did) and he was a Freemason and heavily involved in the occult (which he was) then it stands to reason that our language is a treasure chest of occult knowledge just waiting to be uncovered. This is what I have discovered so far.

Another possible big thing just made itself known. There is an electrical box near my complex with 946 on it and for weeks I have been trying to figure out its meaning:


And it’s possible that I may have found it. If we add all of the digits of these 4 ciphers together = 74 + 100 + 147 + 444 we get 765:


If we look up the number 765 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that the time for its meaning was posted at 9:46:


And amazingly after going through my photos to try and find the electrical box one I found one of my license plate on my last money pit car which ended in 946. I would also add that the 5946 in the license plate adds up to be 1410 = 5 + 9 = 14 | 4 + 6 = 10 = 1410:


So it appears that the meaning of 946 (after taking so many turns to get to this number) is the  emphasis of the gematria values of ‘Jesus’ and ‘Gematria’. Indicating their importance and relevance at this time.


The next significant thing that has manifested is by taking today’s date 7/7:

july 7.png

and adding the digits of the year together = 2+0+1+8 = 11.  The number we get is 7711. After entering this into Pi we get 5555 and even a 3114 (almost Pi with an extra 1) behind it:


This is an interesting synchronicity considering the address of the hospital I was born and worked at was 5555 (this may or may not be related, I’m not sure):


We know 5s mean big changes:


We even see the sacred 369 appear in Pi upon entering this blog post number which is 22988:



This is everything for now. I am anticipating more of these things to manifest as time goes on. Thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love <3

(This part was added later)

After being guided to enter in today’s date but spelled out into the gematria calculator I found a couple of interesting hits:


Using Francis Bacon’s cipher we get 213 which in military time is 1413 which is Pi backwards.

And 161 is position 1610 in Pi which is military time for 410:


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