Divinely-Guided Visit to Goodwill

So today has been interesting. Everything feels pretty calm compared to yesterday and just like the divinely-guided trip to the Freemason’s Lodge not far away they had me take a short adventure to a Goodwill (For those who don’t know, Goodwill is a store here in the US where the entire inventory is donations from local people).

They had me dress in all white once again. At one point today (after finishing a major Jesus synchronicity report) I suddenly had the urge to go outside. I recognized this feeling. They were taking me somewhere.

I will try and describe the feeling of their guidance. It’s like they are in my body, in the front seat, and I am just pushing on the gas and the brakes (walking and stopping). It’s very strong but benevolent.

So anyways we get to the gas station and they fill my body with the emotion of “CASH BACK, TWO BUS PASSES”. So I did just that.

I then began to feel a little upset that I might be going back to the Freemason’s lodge. I really didn’t want to go there again. But then I realized they had me go without my phone so I knew it was going to be a different trip.

I get on the right buses and when we stopped at a plaza with a Goodwill they communicated “OUT”. I second guided this because I thought were going to the lodge, but then I realized they wanted me out there. So I got out and started walking around, waiting for a feeling of where to go next.

So then they ‘urged’ me in the direction of the Goodwill. I said, the Goodwill? I don’t want to buy anymore things…You guys helped me get rid of almost everything, why would they want me to buy something? And if so, what on Earth would it be??

But after walking around the store I came to the book section. And I thought, oh okay I am going to give away my laptop soon and I will need some books to read. I can see that. But then I saw the religious book section and then they communicated “STOP” followed by “PAY ATTENTION”. Of course with any religious book section there will be Jesus related books:


So a couple jumped out at me. One of them was sticking out and I was guided to flip through it. It just had some general information about what life was like around the time Jesus lived, including information on the Essenes, who were disciples of the Brotherhood of the Star.

Another book stood out and I flipped through it also. It was like a calendar with a summary of quotes for each day. I was guided to flip to April 10th and found a synchronistic quote for that. The first line is ‘Trust Me In Every Detail of Your Life’. Amazingly, the gematria value of this phrase is Pi backwards = 413:


I don’t agree with the sin part (archon/parasite creation) but the rest of it was on point and then gravity of this trip really hit me.


They did not guide me to buy anything, to which I would have protested since I feel as though what little I have now is too much.

I am feeling that the summary of this trip was that perhaps I am indeed supposed to play the role of Jesus (or have been this entire time without knowing it) and that I need to put more trust into the Universe. This is something I am doing with every leap of faith. The signs and synchronicities are all there. I just need it to sink in more. I get the feeling there will be more ‘trips’ in the near future. If this is the case I will happily share them here.

I almost forgot the other part. As I was walking out of the Goodwill and crossing the street to the bus stop, I saw a bicycle with some stuff around it. I thought it might be a homeless man. A man came over and I saw that he had one those advertising signs that people wave around. Then I got the emotion of “CASH BUS PASS GIVE”. And the man left to go do something and I slipped the money and bus pass into his backpack and made my way to the bus stop. So in hindsight, they had this entire trip planned. I even got back home at 4:13 PM (pi backwards).

I also forgot to mention that I was guided to take a photo with the address of the Walmart in front of the bus stop = 6645. This number 645 has been appearing recently:


As it turns out, the Angel’s Number meaning for this number was posted on October 14th =1014 (this is a number that has also been appearing frequently) along with a view count of 965 at the end:


965 appears at the end of this particular post number:


The meaning of 645 is seemingly exciting:


It was posted at 3:25 PM:


The meaning of 325 is also very positive and was posted at 2:05 which is half of 410:


I also want to say this, I know there are countless people in the world with the same exact vibration and sense of duty to humanity and to what is good and even appearance as Jesus. He is not the only one to perpetuate this way of life. He is one of many and there are everyday people who are heroes to fellow everyday people with their kind actions which I have witness first hand.

I am beginning to believe however that there will be one prime example of everything that the Universe is, all of its glory bundled into one incarnation, with as much sacred geometry, synchronicity and mystery knowledge as possible. To teach once and for all to everyone on Earth the beauty of the Divine and the power and Love of the One and its infinite expressions (angel’s, other higher density beings, and all of you). And it appears that this incarnation that I am participating in, is that one.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always.

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  2. Brian in Chicago says:

    This post reminds me of days past when being guided by that inner tug led to some very unique and synchronistic (sp?) experiences. You posting this served to remind me of this and to keep an inner eye open towards it.
    Thanks for posting, and best to you.

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