Divinely-Guided Walk Before Moving

I am being guided to share my experience with this divinely-guided walk I went on at the end of July 2018 just before I moved in with my Brother and then my Mom. I wasn’t planning on sharing it and even forgot about it but I just experienced a synchronicity which both reminded me of it and was guided to write it out which I am doing now. I am not exactly in the ‘writing mind-set’ at the moment so forgive me if my sentences don’t flow right or anything like that.

It was probably a few days or so before I moved in with my Brother (and subsequently my Mom shortly after that) and I was sitting in my pretty much empty apartment (I was guided to give all of my things away). It was towards the end of the day like 4 or 5 PM and all of the sudden I was strongly guided to get up and take a walk. The emotion of ‘GET UP/GO’ ran through my whole body, especially in my gut.

‘They’ proceeded to semi-occupy my body and strongly drive me forward down the street for a while. It felt like I took a back seat to experiencing my body. So after a while we get to a certain street and ‘they’ conveyed the emotion of ‘LEFT’ which I did and then a ‘STOP/LOOK’ in front of a house whose address was the last four digits of my social security number (not going to say what it is for obvious reasons).

Then I thought, uh oh, you guys aren’t going to have me knock on this person’s door, are you? I said “I am definitely not going to do that. You will have to do a total body take over for that to happen!”

But then I realized what the street name was. It was Monte Cristo. Which is Spanish for ‘Mountain of Christ’ or ‘Christ Mountain’. They had me sit there for a while and contemplate the information they were giving me at this time. This part of the trip was meant to be seen in bold. Not only had they parked me in front of a house with the last four of my social but they were also shouting more Jesus Synchronicities at me.

This was the little calendar (for this month and year interestingly) in my Mom’s kitchen which featured a Monte Cristo sandwich that reminded me of this walk:


So then after sitting there for a while in front of a stranger’s house considering the information they had just shown to me, they guided me to walk elsewhere. We went back and forth in one spot for several seconds before I said “Okay guys where are we going, I bet we look pretty silly here!”

I finally figured out that they wanted me to cross the street, and jaywalk no less! Oh well, they can see more than me. So I ran across the street and they eased the energy they were using to direct me and then I was guided to just walk. We walked around the beautiful Sunburst Farms area for at least an hour or two (this could be another synchronicity = Sunburst = Solar Flash?) These houses and properties are large and feature a lot of lush plant and animal life. It felt like I was visiting another state.

It started to rain a bit just before getting home and it ended up being a lot later than I thought too. I was out for at least 2 or 3 hours all together. I remember feeling very relaxed (although my legs were a bit sore from walking so much) and happy that they took me on this walk in this area where I hadn’t explored even though I had lived there for so long. (Another example of this is that I was born and raised here in Arizona but I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon!)

PS After looking into a few things for today’s date I found out that today (September 3rd) is the 246th day of the year:


If we type 246 into Pi we see the same numbers but with an extra 2:


We see the same 246 expanded even more when we enter 5555 into Pi:


5555 was the address of the hospital I was born and used to work at:


Whether these numbers mean anything is anyone’s guess. They could be indications of ‘steps’ being taken towards an end goal. This appears to be what is happening in this transition I am experiencing right now. A transition into a life where I basically live on faith alone. (Much easier said than done!)

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

PPS Even though WordPress might document this blog post for September 4th (their time) it is currently 6:47 PM here and still September 3rd:


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