Just Some Beautiful Photos of Clouds Where I Live

Nothing complicated about this post, just some photos and a video of the amazing clouds that manifest here. These look like clouds I have seen in dreams and while lucid dreaming. They come in lots of different colors when the sun sets; purple, pink, orange etc. The ones in the video are divine, heavenly even. The only thing missing are some Ascended Masters!

In Phoenix the few clouds we would get were either chemtrail clouds or patches of different types, more so during monsoon season (which is currently still happening at the moment I believe). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do looking at them! Much love all <3











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3 Responses to Just Some Beautiful Photos of Clouds Where I Live

  1. truthearth says:

    Those all sound wonderful..such a simple, positive and cost-free experience…

    Sure I would like to see them! truthearthorg@gmail.com


  2. lmamer says:


  3. Moon Mama says:

    These pics are gorgeous, Jonathan!❤️I LOVE clouds! Been a sky watcher all my life, and adore the stormy ones too. I have tons of pics on my i-phone from my travels, if you’d like to see some, l’d be happy to share.
    These look alot like what I’ve been seeing driving through Arkansas and Tennessee the last couple days…the sky has been really interestingly beautiful lately.. since the cabal’s satellites went down.. a connection there, maybe?🤔
    Lots of intricately detailed picture clouds, which astound me!…I saw many dolphins, horses, and human heads/figures yesterday. Today, lots of cute little animals, pairs of animals and birds, and a very beautiful goddess type figure with long wavy hair and a long gown, seated, with a wolf at her side. I had to pull the truck onto the shoulder to stare at that one for awhile.
    Much love to you.

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