People With Biblical Names Keep Appearing in My Life

In addition to the nearly daily bible verse synchronicities and other religious and Jesus related synchronicities that have been happening over the last year or so I am now realizing many people in my daily experience with biblical names keep appearing, especially recently.

At the hospital I worked at there was a man named Angel that worked there that would always recommend I come to take over his station and it almost always turned out to be a day that was much better than those around me were having. I quickly learned to ‘follow the Angel’ when it came to work related things.

I also recall two separate times when I went to the store and the cashier’s name was Faith. I remember doing a double-take and chuckling a little bit in amazement. This was when I was experiencing synchronicities with that word and the concept of the leap of faith.

Not to mention the several times I went to work and found a patient with the name ‘Jesus’ (pronounced ‘Hehzus’ in Spanish) in a hospital room with a synchronistic room number = Room 333, room 321 and so on.

What prompted this post was just being introduced to the neighbor that lives next door to us here in the middle of no where and his name happens to be Gabriel.

There are several other variations of names that continue to appear which are biblically-derived here and there in my daily life and now that I think about it more, in my dreams as well.

Some might remember the dream I had with the giant tarantula with the biblical name ‘Jeriah’ (I think I was telepathically told its name) who had high-level connections to society.

I also recall a dream I had a couple of years ago where I was basically in the Christian idea of what heaven looked like, big fluffy clouds and lots of light everywhere (higher dimension/density most likely) I saw what I thought were three Ascended Beings or angels that were glowing with light around their bodies. I think they were wearing robes. I don’t recall any conversation happening but I remember it being a significant experience.

So this is very interesting for me right now as I still don’t put a lot of energy or interest into the bible or anything religious (or any religion) for that matter. It seems like ‘they’ are trying to get me to turn hard left into this subject which I am slowly starting to do. I know that if I resist, things will get worse for me and I won’t feel right. *Sigh*

Signing off for now, much love all <3

I’ve been guided to this composition by Tchaikovsky recently which I find very beautiful:

PS As an interesting synchronicity I have realized that this post contains 438 letters all together (minus this last entry):


438 in Pi takes position 1681 which is the root number when you multiply 410 by 410 (my birthday):



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