‘The Great Awakening’ Subreddit Banned, Cannibal Subreddit Still Exists

Just found this out via QAnon’s most recent updates. Apparently the subreddit where those wishing to discuss QAnon’s intel and related subjects has been banned as of today September 12th 2018:


the great.pngMeanwhile, some may or may not be aware that a subreddit for cannibalism still exists and has been up for 6 years:


There appear to be posts from real people who actually eat other human parts. I didn’t wish to read anymore than the one post I clicked on but others are free to do so if they feel guided. My fingers are crossed that they are just kidding. (But probably not)

But as Q said the attacks will only intensify. I am not following everything that’s happening but these bans are very bold moves by the Cabal. At least 60-70K people were following that subreddit (including myself). Another one will likely be created or perhaps someone will do what they did before when the pizzagate subreddit was banned and go to Voat.

In any case such moves are made when these people are very scared and are being backed into a corner. We can all help by continuing to push and spread information far and wide.

This is everything for now, much love all!



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