Dream About Being on a Huge Spaceship

Recently I have been having some pretty amazing dreams about the Galactic Confederation and spaceships, as you will see. They have been very uplifting as I’ve had a rough time trying to get into this new situation I am in. This dream was pretty neat and not what I would expect from being on a…I guess a mothership might be the best way to describe it. I didn’t see the outside but there was a lot going on inside of it.

(September 12th 2018) Living on a Spaceship

Had a dream where I was living aboard a very large ship. Possibly a mothership. There were extraterrestrials there too, living and working there. It was like a giant office building. Although it has its problems.

I had my dogs and family there. They goofed off a few times. I think a couple of things went wrong. Some parts needed maintenance and at one point I went to the hospital floor and I think they were a little short staffed. It seemed a bit 3D there but it was a ship. The environment was very relaxed.

I would also add that the environment of the areas that I explored were very calm, like a library. There wasn’t a lot of noise and everyone just went about their business. Like many other such dreams, I wish I didn’t have to wake up and come back here. Things are now good for me here but still…there is still a lot of suffering here that becomes overwhelming when I think about it.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3


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  1. lmamer says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this dear Jonathan. Love this video šŸ™‚

  2. Sherry Smyth says:

    Hi hon, check out shattering the matrix with the Eddie Page videos, this will show you proof of your space ship living dream. I have more if you are interested, love and truth rule!!! Sherry

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