Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Greetings everyone, hope you are all well. Here is today’s bible verse:


There are a couple of gematria values which stand out here including one which has a value of 410:


The second one is a cipher that assigns every 11th letter to a number (one of my favs). In this number 1034 we have the digits of Pi = 3.14. But what is more significant is when we enter this into Pi (let us remember that Pi = expression of God/Source/The All):


In the above photo we see that right behind the 1034 is the first 5 digit of Pi backwards, another sign that this work is on the right track (synchronicity = on the right path) and that God/Source/The All has weaved itself so perfectly into these synchronicities, just waiting to be found and shared.

And the message of the verse is also pertinent here (minus calling Jesus the ‘Lord’, I believe he is simply another person like everyone else who never wanted to be worshiped but like many other beings on the planet tried to show people another way to live and to encourage them to empower themselves with their innate metaphysical abilities and knowledge.)

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish all of you much love as always <3

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