Synchronistic Trip to Masonic Temple & Other Synchronicities

I knew today was going to be a day full of synchronicity. I didn’t know how exactly but I felt it in my whole body. Last night my mom asked me for some help with a house she is trying to sell. I agreed of course and I was also guided to take the 7 pieces of orgonite I poured with me to give away (they have a mind of their own a lot of the time, they tell me where they want to go and I happily oblige).

While we were working on the house I noticed a wolf poster in the garage. For those who do not know the wolf is my spirit animal and wherever it appears, in any form, I know that is where I am supposed to be.


Next was the address of the house = 420. I didn’t know until just a moment ago why they had us go to a house with this number but I knew there was a reason. 420 takes position 701 in Pi:


And 701 plus 410 (my birthday) equals 1111:


On the way to the grocery store I took a different turn than I usually do to get there and ended up at a stop light in front of a Masonic Temple which is located in Prescott, AZ:


I enhanced the photo so those reading this can see the Masonic Temple at the top

This would be the third Masonic building I was divinely-guided to in the last several months:

Huge Synchronicity Report (Visit to the Freemason’s Lodge)

Short Synchronicity Report


Had to take a selfie

After gifting the cashier at the store and the metaphysics store some Orgonite I decided to gift the lodge itself. I wasn’t guided to go upstairs but I left a piece at the bottom (hopefully they don’t think it’s a bomb lol):



Now this building is different than the Masonic Lodge which is located elsewhere in Prescott. That would be Arizona’s first Masonic Lodge. This temple was built in 1907, per the date at the top of the building and actually I can’t really find much about it on the net.

In any case I can’t imagine what ‘their’ plan is in regards to these lodges. They send me there and then that’s it. I document it and take pictures and nothing else really comes of it (that I am aware of anyway). But it sure is a great demonstration of ‘their’ power and ‘their’ ability to guide me where they would like me to go.

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish everyone much love!

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