Large Attack Happening to Me on Reddit Right Now

Just wanted to bring attention to this. I recently posted the pedophile boy lover symbol article on the conspiracy portion of Reddit and within hours it (and myself) were attacked without mercy:

I have just found out that someone has posted an attack on me on the subreddit called r/TopMindsOfReddit:


And even though the subreddit summary for this forum seems to support truth seeking via its rules, it is obviously a place to attack others. And for some reason they called themselves George Soros employees:


I am actually taking this as a compliment, considering the beating the others gave the original post I made featuring the original article. One thing I’ve learned is that when someone attacks you personally, that means they have no argument against the original topic, which says a lot.

One thing that these people don’t realize, is that I worked in a hospital for 8 years. My life has been threatened many times, sometimes to my face, I have been spit on, crapped on, peed on, bled on, puked on and taken beyond my breaking point in every way possible. There are not many things I am afraid of now. What they also don’t realize is that I have a huge sense of humor and enjoy being roasted and insulted:

Perhaps one day when all of this is over, we can be a family again. They don’t realize how much they are loved, regardless of their actions. They don’t see what I see. A soul, another expression of the All, who has lost their way. Someone who needs love more than anything. They will have it soon. But they will have to deal with the consequences of their actions. No one gets away with anything in this Universe. Everyone is responsible for everything they have created, myself included.

Much love all <3

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  1. lmamer says:

    Thank you Jonathan! Take care 🙂

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