Just a Little Fun with Numbers

[Note: I’ve just learned that today happens to be the Autumn Equinox, which makes these numbers much more significant (in my opinion.)]

This post is going be a few examples of some numbers that came out from today’s date and the number 410 (my birthday).

Today is September 22nd 2018 = 9/22/18. If we enter this number into Pi we get a very interesting sequence of numbers:


The numbers 012345 appear and in a specific order from left to right counting upwards:


If we subtract 922 minus 410 we get 512:


If we enter this number into Pi backwards (215) we find 410 backwards (014) right behind it:


The Equinox will begin at exactly 6:54 PM here in Arizona:


If we enter 654 into Pi we see 410 backwards again right behind it. We could even see the 3014 as 3.14:


Today (9/22) happens to be the 265th day of the year with 100 days remaining:


April 10th (4/10) happens to be the 100th day of the year with 265 days remaining:


If we multiply today’s date 9x2x2x1x8 we get 288:


And we know 288 in Pi equals position 33, which is a number that repeats itself throughout the details of my life to present day:

Image result for truthearth 288 33

On April 10th this year I turned 28 years old, which also takes position 33 in Pi:


And the numbers in the date of my birthday add up to 33:


This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and much love!

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