Some Seriously Miraculous Moments & Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

Some of these may sound unbelievable, but as you will see it is 100% true. Recently I have been getting the number 555, which we know from the Angel’s Numbers website indicates huge changes coming (personal changes I believe). ‘They’ have been sending this number to me very loud and clear recently.

Yesterday was my new step-dad’s birthday and my mom and him invited me to go bowling at the casino with them. Of course I agreed and was shocked to see the address of the casino was 555:


I was going too fast to get a photo of it but there was a big 18-wheeler truck with 555 on the back of it too. “Oh my”, I thought…what do ‘they’ have in store??

Of course it was ‘cosmic’ bowling, and we got lane number 15 which was decorated as a beautiful nebula:


I had to get a picture of something 555 in the casino and eventually we went into the High Limit room (just to look) where they had another entrance to a 555 Club which I got a snap of:


I was also shocked to learn that the address of the dealership where we got this RV that I am currently living in was 555. The phone number also ended in 1611 which is another number that continues to appear in big ways. It is the year that the King James Bible was translated:



Image result for king james bible

Let us not forget the Jesus medallion that is stuck to the wall in the RV:


And we also see 555 appearing at the beginning of The Matrix when Trinity is talking to Cypher about how Neo is The One:


So anyways my mom and step-dad suggested I get a casino card because they offer free money if you sign up. So I agreed and got $5 to play with. Which I blew on the penny slots…I wouldn’t have gambled with my own money anyways (which isn’t really my money, it’s the money of those who have donated to me) but I thought what the hey, I’ll play with the casino’s money! Didn’t win anything of course…

But the card number I got was interesting. It ended in 33, which is a number that continues to appear in the significant details of my life, and is the amount of years Jesus allegedly lived:


It is the cost of my phone bill each month:


It was the model number of my old camera, just to name a few examples:


The sunset ended up being so beautiful:


And now for today’s synchronistic bible verse:


The gematria value of this verse is 370 using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher:


And then, if you can believe this, if we plug in 370 into Pi we get…555:


Adding these two synchronicities later on today. I went to town to get some gas and food and was greeted with a couple of instances of Pi:


1014 is another number they have been showing me for months


Here we see the time I checked out was 1:14, this is 1314 in military time where we see Pi appear. And there is even a 555 in the auth# (whatever that happens to mean, see arrow at top of photo)

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love as always! <3

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  1. lmamer says:

    Love and blessings Jonathan 🙂

  2. Moon Mama says:

    So glad for you that things are working out in your favor. ✨

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