Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse

‘They’ [higher ups] have stuffed today with several synchronicties that I will be sharing below. Today’s date is October 4th which can be seen as 4/10/18 using the Day/Month/Year format, with 410 being that magic number:


Today’s verse is as follows:


The gematria value of this verse is 328 using the biblically-derived base-7 cipher:


If we plug 328 into Pi we get a 3-digit synchronicity = 111:


Today, October 4th, is the 277th day of the year with 88 days remaining:


If we plug 277 into Pi we see a familiar number next to it in the string of numbers = 370:


We just got the number 370 the other day and it takes position 555 in Pi:


Next is the amount of days remaining in the year after today = 88:


The number 825 takes position 88 in Pi:


8/25 is the date that the meaning of the number 410 was written on the Angel Number’s website:


And we know that 825 backwards is 528, which, if seen as a frequency = 528Hz is known as the Love Frequency.

So as you can see everything ‘circled’ (Pi joke) back around to 410. It will be interesting to how it continues to manifest. This is everything for now, much love all <3

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