Amazing Synchronicity Report

Today was a great day, although I wouldn’t have guessed it possible from the day before, which wasn’t so great. I had lost the key to my mom’s car and couldn’t find it anywhere. So this (among other things) put me in a not so wonderful mood. But after happily finding a copy I went into town to buy several more copies!

I went to ship out a package to someone today and was greeted with another 410 in the phone number at the bottom of the receipt:


410 appears once again as part of the time stamp from when I went to get the keys made:


While waiting for the keys to be made the ‘blue bird’ appeared:


And while waiting at a stop light I saw someone with Pi on their jacket. It was a logo for a healthcare company. I didn’t get a picture because the guy was walking too fast and went out of view but below is the logo I saw:


And the best part about this day was running into a guy named Ken who possessed a lot of knowledge about Orgonite. He saw my orgonite pendant (Sensei’s pendant) and asked me about it. This turned into about an hour or so of us talking about how great orgonite is among other topics. He makes quality orgonite if anyone feels guided to reach out to him and inquire about them. I’ve seen the pieces he makes and they of are high quality:

Another synchronistic detail about today would be the day of the year = 297:


We also see a 410 when we see today’s date in a day/month format = 2410.  If we enter in 297 into Pi we get 737:


This happens to be the last three digits of my debit card (not going to give away more than that obviously):


This is everything for now, much love everyone!


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