Huge Synchronicities and Knowledge Download After Dark Night of the Soul

So I was going to save writing this report until tomorrow October 25th, but I am being guided to share it now. Just a couple of days ago I’ve experienced another awful dark night of the soul, probably one of the worst ones yet. I hoped for a quick death to relieve the terrible emotions and feelings that come with these things. But as with most people I just lived through it.

Although I am learning there is a pattern to these dark nights. After experiencing the worst time of my life, over and over, as has been the case for the last couple of years or so, there is a positive breakthrough and I gain access to more knowledge and synchronicities as a result. I have no idea why this is the case, but it almost seems as though these events are tests. Tests to see how horrible things can really get and how much I can survive to see if I am worthy of more knowledge. This is just a theory of course, and it could be something else, like very intense emotional clearing or some kind of attack to prevent this further acquisition of information.

In any case, below is the knowledge I have just been ‘allowed?‘ given/shown/guided to as a result of seeing the other side of this awful experience. It all has to do with the magic number 410 and Pi. (Warning, things are about to get religious here, my apologies, this is just the way the cookie is crumbling at the moment).

I was guided to research Pi even further, especially related to gematria values. What I found was amazing. There is a website called Project314 by Andrew Hoy who made a discovery about the first mobile Jewish temple called the Mishkan AKA The Tabernacle. Long story short, many theologians pictured this structure as rectangular, when in actuality it was most likely made to be a perfect circle, measuring 314 cubits (the old way of measuring things):


If you feel like going to the website and seeing the work he did you can find it here. Now the gematria value of the word Mishkan  (משכן) (the name of the Jewish mobile temple) is 410 in Hebrew and based on tradition, the first standing temple that was built stood for 410 years:



“…Moreover the gematria of Mishkan (410) hints to the number of years during which there was evidence that the Shechinah dwelled among the Jewish people, in the first Temple which stood for 410 years…”

(Mayima Chronim)

“…After their sojourn in the Wilderness, the Israelites continued to use the Mishkan within the borders of Israel for hundreds of years, throughout the period of Judges. It was only in the time of Kings David and Solomon that the Beit HaMikdash, the permanent Temple in Jerusalem, was constructed, and the Mishkan was no longer necessary. Its holy vessels were transplanted to the Temple, where they stood for 410 years (according to tradition) until the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, led by Nebuchadnezzar…”


“…The gematria of “Mishkan” equals 410, the number of years that the First Temple stood…”

Then on another website is where I got the big download/connection from:

(Times of Israel)

“…Mashiach [Jewish word for Messiah] is called “the beginning of God’s creation” in Revelation 3:14, which in Hebrew would be Reshit Beriat Elohim רֵאשִׁית בְּרִיאַת אֱלֹהִים, the gematria is 1610:”


On the above website this is followed up with two sentences in Hebrew, which both add up to 1610:

Mashiach is King, Mashiach was King,
Mashiach will be King forever and ever
(מָּשִׁיחַ מֶלֶךְ מָּשִׁיחַ מָלָך)
(מָּשִׁיחַ יִמְלֹךְ לְעוֹלָם וָעֶד)


I would compound this with the following information. The gematria value of the first verse of the bible in Hebrew is 2701 (בְּרֵאשִׁית בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ). We see 410 appear directly before this if we plug this into Pi:



And we know the four-letter Hebrew word INRI has a gematria value of 270. INRI translated into English means ‘Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews’:


“…the letters engraved above Christ when he was crucified were INRI (Which translates to; “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews”). In Hebrew numerology or gematria, these 4 letters added up to 270.”


This is also found next to 410 in Pi:


The gematria value of Metatron (מֵטַטְרוֹן), is 314 in Hebrew:


Some might remember Metatron’s cube (the geometric shape below), along with Archangel Metatron:

Image result for metatron

After doing a little more plug and play with English words and phrases I found some interesting hits with the phrase ‘Four Hundred Ten the Magic Number’:


First we see the sacred 432 which we get with a cipher which assigns a number to every 11th letter and then we get 1932. When we plug this into Pi we also get 432:


And the gematria value of ‘The Central Race’ (one of the races that completed their evolution in our galaxy long ago) is 410 using a cipher which assigns prime numbers to letters:


And if we plug in Revelation 3:14 into the gematria calculator in English we see a 410 appear using the Jewish cipher:


And you might have noticed that the above verse has 28 words, the phrase ‘Four Hundred Ten the Magic Number’ has 28 letters and the first verse of the bible Genesis 1:1 has 28 letters in it. This seems to be an interesting coincidence since I am currently 28 years old as of 4/10 (my birthday).

And to top if off, on another topic entirely, I was guided to listen to one of my favorite songs when I was younger and saw that it was released on 4/10:


I believe ‘they’ wanted these synchronicities done today because today’s date has 410 in it (October 24th = 24/10).

This is everything for now, much love everyone!



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  1. Remember always: “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” <3

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