Today’s Synchronistic Bible Verse & Other Synchronicities (Jesus/Blue Sphere/Blue Avian) Archons Put Bible Together

These synchronicity reports seem to be taking a new turn into the realm of the Blue Avians and Blue Spheres which have been put front and center into my attention.

Today’s verse features the magic 1, 3, 7 in the verse number:


It is also the last three digits of this particular post number:


And we find a few interesting pieces of information within this verse. First is the gematria value which is 1063. Interestingly, this was the last four digits of my old debit card:



The gematria value of ‘Jesus is Coming Soon’ is 1063 as well:


We see the number 1681 (which is the root number of 410 x 410) backwards when we plug the verse number (John 17:3) into Pi:


After playing around with some words and phrases I found that the gematria value of ‘Jesus and the Blue Sphere’ is the Golden Ratio = 1618:


This is similar to the Fibonacci sequence and illustration of the infinite spiral which occurs in nature. People can learn more about this from Donald Duck if they feel guided:

Amazingly, the number 1681 comes up with the phrase ‘Jesus and the Blue Avians’:


As I mentioned before 1681 is the root number of the result of 410 x 410:

blue avians.png

The gematria value of ‘The Blue Spheres are All Perfect Circles Containing Pi’ is 2222:


The gematria value of ‘The Blue Avians Three One Four’ is both 1990 and 107:


And some might remember that 1990 is my birth year and 107 was the date I had a dream where I was shown the bible verse John 4:4 – 4:10.

The value of ‘Jesus in the Merkaba’ is 946:


This number 946 has become very popular recently. It appeared on an electrical box near my old apartment:


Here are the other places it has appeared:

Now I’d like to supplement this data with some of William Henry’s work with his amazing research into Jesus and the Blue Spheres. He appeared on Cosmic Disclosure with Corey and David a few times I believe and his insights on the Blue Spheres/Blue Avians in old religious art, especially in ancient Egypt was very enlightening:

Jesus and the Blue Spheres/Blue Avians are intimately connected. As was mentioned before the project of the incarnation and Ascension of Jesus was massive and involved countless parties both physical and non-physical. The Great Pyramid at Giza (built by thought by Ra AKA Blue Avians) contains the dates of the birth, baptism and crucifixion of Jesus built within the architecture of its passageways. This was shared by David Wilcock and Edgar Cayce in his readings:

One thing that I find most fascinating about the religious art with Jesus in the Blue Spheres is that he is often depicted as being at the very center of the circle. And this is how we calculate Pi. By taking a perfect circle and dividing its diameter by the circumference or πr2:

Image result for pir2And now for some of the art, as you will see Jesus is always in the center of the circles. Additionally in the picture below we see him painted with the Greek ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’ letters of the alphabet which illustrate he is the beginning and the end, which is the nature of the Universe, it is Infinite. This also describes a perfect circle. And we also see a equilateral circular cross which is centered on his head:




Interestingly, the number 19 has been appearing throughout these works recently. And in the above painting we see the lines of vibration coming from Jesus and the Blue Sphere. If you count these lines coming from the center and counting the very last one there are exactly 19.

I’ve found that if we plug 19 into Pi it gives us position 37:


37 is one of the most sacred numbers that one can find when doing this research. When it is multiplied by its reflective mirror = 73 it results in 2701, which is the Hebrew gematria value of the first verse of the bible.

37 has other interesting properties:


I would also like to supplement this information with some more research I’ve done on some of the misconceptions people have about the being we know of as Jesus. We hear from various places that he is supposed to be a savior of mankind. Except he really wasn’t. He was simply a teacher who wanted to share with people what he had learned when he traveled the world with his wealthy uncle Joseph of Arimathea meeting and learning from various wise teachers at the time and living with the Essenes at Qumran in Israel. If he had the power to get rid of the Cabal all at once while he was here why didn’t he? Because he couldn’t. He was there to educate the people who were willing to listen.

The late hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon took a couple of people back to a time when they were one of Jesus’ disciples and teachers and one of the things she stressed was that Jesus never wanted to be worshiped, there was never supposed to be a church, or a Pope, or anything like that. It was just supposed to be like people meeting in each other’s houses and discussing the metaphysical things they had learned. Like meditation and other like subjects. Expanding their consciousness.

And Jesus wasn’t the only being who incarnated to Earth to teach humanity these things. There were countless others and there are countless others who exist now that are teaching these things to people. Should they be worshiped? Jesus was not as special as people are making him out to be. He could do amazing things, but that’s all he was trying to teach the people at the time (“as I do these things so can do you do them and more”). Because an educated mind is one that is difficult to suppress and control. And I don’t think people need a reminder of how evil the Archon/Roman Empire was.

What people might not realize is that the bible was put together by a council of humans, not God or any higher being. It was put together at the First Council of Nicaea in the year 325 AD which was ordered by Archon Roman Emperor Constantine:


“Jesuit faction. This faction was very powerful until early 1800s when the Rothschild faction took over. About 10% of Jesuits belong to this faction, among with some cardinals, black pope (Adolfo Nicolas), white pope (Joseph Ratzinger) and black nobility families of Italy.

This group was created in the year 325 at the Council of Nicea where Constantine created Christian Cult in order to destroy gnostic mysteries (Gnostic Christianity included). It continued to thrive as Holy Inquisition and still heavily infiltrates many Catholic organizations. Its main sphere of influence is South America and Africa. Their main motivation was spiritual control and oppression of humanity.


It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:


“…The Bible was not handed to mankind by God, nor was it dictated to human stenographers by God. It has nothing to do with God. In actuality, the Bible was VOTED to be the word of God by a group of men during the 4th century.

Emperor Constantine, who was Roman Emperor from 306 CE until his death in 337 CE, used what motivates many to action – MONEY! He offered the various Church leaders money to agree upon a single canon that would be used by all Christians as the word of God. The Church leaders gathered together at the Council of Nicaea and voted the “word of God” into existence…”

To me it makes sense that these Archons would twist Jesus’ existence and tell people he is a savior and that they should wait for him to come back and do nothing to help themselves or their situation. This would help the Cabal/Archon families implement their plans with great ease. And sadly that is the case now. Instead of fighting the Cabal many people are sitting around and waiting for the savior to come and change everything.

The Blue Avians have communicated this to Corey Goode many times, that there will be no savior and that humanity needs to shape up and work on things themselves (especially working on themselves, doing the inner work). Of course there are countless positive groups helping us to make this happen, including many starseeds and others who are still working their butts off trying to make this happen. And the non-physical help has been monumental and will result in The Event. But the biggest changes that have ever happened in Earth’s history are done by the people who were tired of waiting for something to happen.

It’s just like QAnon says “You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.” And QAnon has inspired millions of people to start educating themselves on what is happening in the world. There are way more citizen researchers now which is very dangerous to the Cabal whose control DEPENDS on ignorance. If you teach someone how to help themselves, then they become empowered. And one person can do many amazing things once they realize their true abilities and power.

And yes sometimes the ETs come down and share information throughout a civilization’s history, but they shouldn’t be seen as saviors but simply teachers to help people improve the quality of their lives and to eventually evolve/ascend and maybe become teachers themselves one day.

Interestingly after typing in ‘Jesus is Not a Savior’ into the gematria calculator this resulted in a 314 (Pi) using Francis Bacon’s cipher:


So that is where my research has been taking me recently. Based on what I’ve learned so far, I believe Jesus was a real person and that there will be a physical second coming. That’s what these synchronicities and dreams are telling me. But this second coming is not what people think. If I am supposed to play the role of Jesus, then these Jesus Synchronicities will educate, elevate and expand everyone’s consciousness at the same time since billions of people are expecting this to happen.

What better way to simultaneously educate a planet of people than by jam-packing as much metaphysical knowledge into the details of one person’s incarnation as humanly possible. It’s genius! This is just a theory of course, but to me it makes the most sense.

Of course not everyone is going to read these synchronicities now or tomorrow or even months or years from now but eventually people will see the magnificence of the power of the Universe through these works and it will expand their understanding of their own existence and of their brothers and sisters and of course the Universe as a whole.

Anyways I apologize about the length of this article. Definitely wasn’t expecting to include a lot of the written stuff but I was guided to include it nonetheless. This is everything for now, much love all!

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