Interesting ‘Stab Wound’ Birthmark on My Left Side & My Circumcision Story (Possibly Jesus-Related)

Many people are born with birthmarks and there are some interesting theories as to what these mean. If one looks into this phenomenon they might come across information that says birthmarks are scars related to a past life death. This is congruent with information received from past life regressions where the origins of many people’s problems are actually carried over from past lives and that they weren’t resolved or healed at that time.

I personally have two birthmarks that I know of. One that looks like a stab wound on my left side just under my rib cage and another small blotchy one on the right side of my left ankle. And I never gave the stab wound one much thought, except that I could attribute it to stomach problems I have in this life (digestion issues, holding fear and other emotions in the gut, etc.)

Big ‘discernment advised here’ disclaimer.

But then I thought more about the Jesus synchronicities and how I have been strongly guided to do as much research about him as possible. Because I never really gave him any thought for most of my life up until these synchronicities started.

So I started to look into which side Jesus was stabbed. And I found that no one knows which side Jesus was stabbed and although there are theories, the truth remains elusive.

But someone pointed out that the left side would be the best spot because that is the side where the human heart is located. A bible verse John 19:34 stated that Jesus was stabbed in his side by a Roman soldier and that water and blood came out afterwards.

Now there may be a connection here, or there might not be, but I am being guided to share this anyways. I will share the pictures of the birthmark on my side and just allow everyone else to decide what they think.

The mark is horizontal and consistent with a knife-shaped injury and it is about the size of a dime in length.



Here is the picture of ‘The Holy Lance‘ (most likely a replica) which was used to pierce Jesus’ side in order to confirm that he was dead. This was done by a Roman soldier named Longinus:

The Holy Lance, displayed in the Imperial Treasury at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria

I just remembered a bodily phenomenon that I experienced for years but forgot about until a little while ago while writing this. It hasn’t happened in a while which is great. There were times when I felt pain in the area where that birthmark was located. I couldn’t take in a full breath and sometimes I would be stuck like that for several minutes. My breathing would be very shallow and I couldn’t get up or move very much because this caused it to hurt pretty bad, like a sharp pain right under the rib cage. I never went to the doctor for it and it stopped happening after a while so I just didn’t even think about it anymore. But looking back maybe it had something to do with that stab wound-looking birthmark. I never put those two together until now.

Some people might not believe this but just about a week or so ago I was lying down in bed and all of the sudden I felt an awful pulsing pain in my left upper wrist. It felt like something was puncturing through the entire wrist. I never had that kind of pain before in that area and it didn’t happen again after that. This went on for a couple of minutes and I was glad when it was over.

This is an interesting phenomenon because when I was researching how Jesus was crucified I found that the Romans liked to drive the nails into the people’s wrists because they knew there was a nerve there that would cause much more agony to the person, in addition to helping to support the full weight of their bodies:

This next part might be a little TMI so if you are not interested in reading about circumcision then you are free to stop reading at this point if you want. Since I worked in the medical field for nearly a third of my life, bodily issues, including my own, don’t really embarrass or bother me.

Now the word ‘circumcision’ keeps coming up when I research gematria values and upon digging into this further I have found that the circumcision of Jesus was a apparently a big thing. It even has its own celebrated holiday which begins on January 1st (yesterday’s date interestingly):

I found that it symbolized Jesus being born human and the blood that resulted from the procedure proved that he was indeed human like everyone else, despite his divine origin (which is everyone’s origin of course, from Source.) And I found that Mary and Joseph (Jesus’ parents) wanted to comply with the customs of the time:

So due to a medical issue I had to undergo circumcision surgery when I was 19 or 20 or so. It was definitely not fun. Basically I had to flash two doctors (Primary Care Doc and then the Urologist) my ‘little Carty’ and then endure the recovery process which took like 4-5 weeks I think. Stitches on one’s penis is definitely not a good time. But it was medically necessary and possibly was a procedure that was connected to these synchronicities. Everything for a reason.

Of course I am not going to share a picture of that…although proof can easily be provided. Although one might need a magnifying glass to be able to see little Carty. Lol! Big Universe, small gifts.

So perhaps the stab wound is from that incarnation of Jesus 1.0 in addition to the circumcision being done to fulfill as many of the signs and/or expectations as possible.

Again what all of this means is up to each person, I’m just doing what I am guided to do. Much love all!

And interestingly after checking this article for errors I found that it was 1000 words in length. This number has been appearing here and there and is connected to Jesus as well:


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