Dream About Seeing Huge Fleets of Ships Above Earth

In addition to some other very strange dreams which I don’t wish to remember, I would like to share the details of this dream. It wasn’t very long but it felt important to write down and post here.

(January 14th, 2019) 09:57 AM

Had dream about looking up at sky and seeing stars and about 3-5 of them were in a triangle position and then 3 started to move in an atomic orbit around the center of the triangle. Then they were going so fast.

Related image

Then I somehow zoomed-in and saw that the stars were a huge fleet of ships hovering above Earth. It was night-time and the ships were of varied sizes and were dark grey in color.

The whole thing felt positive and I didn’t get any bad vibes from it.

The closest thing resembling this fleet of ships that I could find was this photo:

Image result for huge fleet of spaceships

The ships were in Earth’s sky and when I was looking at them zoomed-in I saw that there were quite a lot of them in my field of vision. The area that I saw was very densely-packed with ships. It was definitely a sight!

This is everything for now, much love all!

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