Invitation to Extremely Important and Epic ‘Return to Light’ Mass Meditation on January 20th/21st at 12:11 AM EST (Promo Videos Included)

For those who feel guided there is a huge mass meditation coming up on January 20th/21st at 12:11 AM EST.

For the automatic time zone conversion for your location please click on the link below:

Audio guided videos have been made for this meditation in several languages:

I have not been guided to make a promotional video for this meditation but other people have made some seriously amazing ones that I would share here and recommend people see if they feel guided:

This is the big one folks. One of the biggest mass meditations we could possibly participate in. Even bigger and more significant than the August 2017 Eclipse meditation where about a quarter of a million people participated. Cobra just gave an interview and provided some very interesting details about this meditation and the celestial alignments occurring on that day which are apparently quite rare. This includes a pulse of light coming directly from the Cosmic Central Sun which presides over the entirety of the Universe. I will include the interview itself and some excerpts from the transcript of this interview that was kindly done.

(Return to Your Truth) Bigger than Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse? DROP EVERYTHING; Latest from Cobra -Jan 20th/21st Lunar Eclipse Mass Meditation Briefing

“THE UNKNOWN LIGHTWARRIOR: But in terms of proportions, scope, ramifications….are we dealing with something that’s at the same level, if you will, as the 21st of December, 2012?

COBRA: At the same level, yes. Yes.

COBRA: Okay, each mass meditation that we did is creating or building a connection between our physical world and higher dimensions. And each of the successful meditations deepens and expands that connection and creates our link with the Source stronger and so we have been progressing slowly towards the point where we can for the first time begin to connect consciously with the Cosmic Central Sun.

The Cosmic Central Sun is far beyond and far more powerful than the Galactic Central Sun. The Galactic Central Sun only oversees the evolution of this particular galaxy whereas the Cosmic Central Sun oversees the evolution of this whole Universe … and for the first time the direct connection will be made. Actually, nobody knows how that connection looks like…because nobody in the last…I would say…14 billion years of cosmic history has created this connection, so we are in one of the key moments in the evolution which is leading from the past cosmic cycle to the new cosmic cycle.

And as you probably know, this planet is key in this process because this is the final focal point of darkness as a principle in this particular Universe. So this is the reason why this eclipse is not just a small tiny eclipse on a small tiny planet orbiting a small tiny average star at the outskirts of a small galaxy. It is a focal point of transformation of cosmic importance. And this is why we are here. We have been chosen to be here. We have been planning to be here.

And now in this particular moment specifically for that particular purpose of assisting in the turning point of this cosmic cycle during this eclipse and to connect directly the surface of this planet to the Cosmic Central Sun so the next phase of our compression breakthrough can be initiated.

COBRA: Okay, basically the eclipse is the moment of no time…it’s a moment with a direct connection with the 5th and higher dimensions. It is the moment of freewill decision. It is a moment where quantum leaps are possible. So you can use the energy of the eclipse to make a decision to trigger a quantum….a quantum shift in your consciousness, and in your manifestation process.

And planetarily speaking… globally speaking, we will be effectively creating a certain quantum leap in the planetary situation…and I would say…that certain new processes that lead towards the planetary liberation will be initiated at that moment … and I’m not allowed to speak about that in detail yet.

THE UNKNOWN LIGHTWARRIOR: Now is there any energetic connection between this Total Lunar Eclipse of 2019 over all of the Americas to the Total Solar Eclipse over all of the USA in 2017 last August? Is there a chance to take those energies and expand the changes now?

COBRA: Okay, Actually yes, there is a correlation. That meditation on the 21st of August 2017 over the United States has triggered a certain process which was going on between then and now… and now we are upgrading this whole situation…we have gone…we have passed the test so to speak… and we are now expanding this the next level.

THE UNKNOWN LIGHTWARRIOR: Certainly. Okay, you mentioned on your post for this meditation that there is a deadlock between the Light & Dark forces on the surface of this planet, anyway. Now, what are just a couple of examples of this deadlock, that people aren’t or may not be aware of.   Example, we all know the Cabal or establishment media is maintaining some degree of control over people’s consciousness which is keeping the unconscious majority divided. What else is there, in terms of what you’re allowed to say?

COBRA: Okay, the main deadlock is of course the toplet bombs. The toplet bombs are the main reason why there is no direct action taken at the moment. The other deadlock I would like to mention is the situation with implants. Most people refuse to awaken simply because their implants are so strong.

And the third aspect which is quite active here is misinformation…or disinformation spread through the internet. I would say right now more than 80% of anything that’s written in alternative media is misinformation. And people are simply bombarded with so many unproven statements through alternative media that the whole thing has lost its meaning and it’s actually becoming a distraction…”

Hope to have many of you participate that day! It is coming up quick so set your alarms! Much love!

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