Amazing Synchronistic Visit to Town

So here is a pretty wild story that I have been excited about writing since it happened. Today I was guided to go to town and get groceries and drop off the recyclables.

I was guided to wear all white today. When that happens I can be sure there are big synchronicities afoot. And anytime I say I was guided to do something, that means I get a strong emotion or telepathic guidance/command/influence telling me to do something. Sometimes it’s so subtle it almost seems to be my own idea but I have learned ‘their’ pattern of communication and know better that it is something/someone more powerful.

So the first store I went to after dropping of the recyclables was great because I saw my friend Ken there who I ‘randomly’ met several weeks ago when I was walking back to my car and he asked me about my orgonite pendant.

After having an enlightening but sadly short conversation with him I went on my way and went to the next store. And when I checked out there the nice gal there complimented the orgonite pendant also and we started talking and it turns out she probably knows him too. She described him the same way I know him, plus the name is the same and he makes orgonite. Not a lot of people fit that description…And she was quite enlightened!

So anyways after that I decided to go to the library (one of my favorite places, knowledge is free there) and see if ‘they’ wanted me to borrow or read something of interest. And I was just about to leave when another section I had never been to caught my eye (books for sale section) and I got a very quick but brief ‘GO THERE’ emotion.

So I walked around and there was one book that appeared in two different sections of this portion of the library and I have learned that when something appears more than once it is a sign that it should be looked at further.

The title of the book is ‘The Celestine Prophecy‘ and I have yet to really crack it open but I have a feeling (and hoping) there is going to be something good in there. I was also guided to buy a book titled ‘The Coming of the Cosmic Christ‘. Both of these books were only $1.75 for both. A great deal for potentially important metaphysical knowledge.

There was some synchronistic information on the receipts of the stores that I visited today as well. I indulged in some junk food today. Oy..

On the first receipt we see the number 16.61 as the total and 1.34 as the amount of money saved:


1661 is the gematria value of ‘What Are The Odds of That?’ and 134 are the digits of Pi:


This number has appeared a couple more times in various ways which one can find here if they feel guided.

The sacred 369 backwards appeared on the next receipt as the transaction number:


And if we plug this 9630 into Pi we even see today’s date in the position number:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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