Synchronicities in the Book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’

So this is the other book I was guided to buy at the library yesterday by a very small and gentle ‘push’ from the Universe.

After I started reading this book I quickly realized it was no ordinary book. I was guided to it by design. And I highly recommend people check it out if they have the time.

It’s a real story about a highly suppressed manuscript from the year 600 BC that was found and translated which basically describes the awakening of humanity and how people will be gradually introduced to the new world through synchronicity. I would have stayed up all night reading it (it’s only 250 pages but it’s a GREAT read) but I agreed to help my step-dad work on a job for someone in town.

It’s basically about this man, the author, who was contacted by his friend who had seen this manuscript written around 600 BC allegedly and it contains insights or steps to becoming an awakened person on this planet. The manuscript predicts this happening to the masses during this time we are living in now.

Of course we know the situation much better than before thanks to insiders sharing intel on various websites and there have been countless other sources which talk about the time we are living in now. But this book is something really special as you get to experience the awakening of the author as it happens.

So far in the book there is great suppression from the Cabal in Peru which is where this adventure takes place. This is congruent with the knowledge we have now which is that the Cabal is doing everything it can to prevent an awakening public, and failing to do so…obviously…because this blog exists, right? Just one of many.

Here are some interesting things that I came across upon further analyzation of the details of this book.

The amount of time between April 10th, 1990 and the date the book was published November 1st, 1997 is 2762 days:



If we plug 2762 into Pi we see a 410 in the string of numbers which is amazing:


And if we reverse 2762 to 2672 and plug this into Pi we see Pi in the position number:


So yet again we see 410 and Pi together. And in a book that I was guided to pick out at the library which could have resulted in all dead ends. This is a great lesson in learning to trust that little voice or emotion when it manifests. Because the results might take you on that next part of your journey. This is exactly what is explained in the book as well. Just amazing.

Also this particular post number is 27146:


And 27146 happens to be the 314,329th prime number, so here we see Pi again:


This is everything for now, much love all!

For those who feel guided they can get this book for less than 4$ and free shipping (in the US at least) on eBay:

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