New Orgonite Shop Up and Running!

Hey all, I have been slowly making an effort to start making and selling orgonite once again and in a more serious manner this time. A while back I tried this but the pieces I had weren’t very good and ultimately I just wasn’t ready to commit to such an endeavor. And I had some success with Etsy years ago but recently they have hiked their fees and I decided I would just like to do my own thing and start my own little store and make it the way I wanted to.

There are currently 8 different orgonite products for sale there right now for those who feel guided to check them out. I have been asking the Universe to help me make this a success and I feel balanced enough now to be able to do this.

I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee as long as you let me know within two weeks of getting the pieces that you wish to return them and it’s important to note that the person wishing to return them would have to pay the return shipping. Just e-mail me at for any questions, comments, returns or anything else!

I am offering to ship internationally so anyone pretty much anywhere can get them if they feel guided.

Each listing is for 6 pieces of a certain shape and color which I have already poured. For the time being I don’t want to do custom orders as this was a bit stressful when I was doing it before. So perhaps one day this will be an option but for the time being I just want to pour what I am guided to pour and add it to the store like that.

If you do feel guided to buy them I would invite them to leave an honest review of what they think (this is an option on the website) and their experience so I can do better and gather more testimonials which will hopefully help others to seek out or even make their own orgonite (I definitely encourage this option!).

Here is the link to the store!

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish all of you much love as always!

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  1. truthearth says:

    Thanks Laura, and thank you for making an order. You are always so supportive, I am very grateful for you friend.. Will be shipping it out Monday!

  2. lmamer says:

    Hello 🙂 The website looks fantastic! Sending you love and blessings XO

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