Prophetic Dreams Come True, Another Jesus Dream, Daily Bible Verse & Other Big Synchronicities

So I was quite skeptical about the ‘possibly’ prophetic dream which occurred on April 30th where I saw the possible winner of the Eurovision Song Contest being Norway with their song ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Well I was checking the results here and there to see who might be the winner and I was a little bummed (but excited for the artist of course) that The Netherlands won this year with the artist Duncan Laurence and his song ‘Arcade’. So I was like okay, maybe this was a ‘possible future event’ which turned out to be a dud or I was just manifesting the band because I liked their song.


However, upon further research I found out that Norway actually WON the televote which is basically the other half the voting system which consists of the people of Europe and other countries who are able to cast a vote.


Just realized this next part and adding it later. The amount of points Norway got all together was 338. INCREDIBLY, this was the address of the person my step-dad and I did work for the other day. I was wondering if I should have taken a picture of the address when I was there but decided against it. What I can share was a picture of the view from their house when we were working there:


Additionally as amazing, this year was the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and if we plug 64 into Pi we see it appears right behind 338, which we just saw is how many points Norway won all together:


And back to the previous information, the other half of the total vote involves a jury of ordinary people.

So here we see yet another prophetic dream coming ‘mostly’ true. It is also a synchronicity that today May 18th is the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio and I had a dream on April 4th where I saw some clouds in space which were in the shape of a scorpion so it’s possible this prophetic outcome was given more than a month ago:


We also saw the length of time of the song being synchronistic as well which was 3:14 so here we see Pi (AKA God/Source) appearing in addition to the date I documented the above dream which was April 4th which was the same day KEiiNO uploaded the music video for their song:


The time I wrote that dream down was 1:55 AM and if we plug 155 into Pi we see it takes position 314 in Pi so here we see Pi yet again:


The amount of total points of the winner of the contest turned out to be a synchronistic number as well = 492. This has been a big number in these works:


492 is the gematria value of my name ‘Jonathan Carty’, ‘The Magic of the Circle’, ‘The Power of Pi’, QAnon and Christ’ and it is the gematria value of John 3:16 which talks about God sending his only son to Earth.

In a previous dream I was shown the number 3444 along with a receipt which showed the time being 11:11 on 11/11:


Here is the same dream written out in bigger font:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.

This number 3444 is divisible by 492:


This results in the sacred number 7, which is a very prominent number in our reality (7 days of the week, 7 chakras, 7 visible colors of the rainbow, 7 keys in a musical scale etc) and is made reference to many times in the bible.

The next is a dream about becoming Jesus along with a few sets of numbers appearing which have manifested very commonly throughout these works:


So basically what I remember from this dream was that I saw some digits floating in front of me which started out looking like 4.10 (4/10 is my birthday and a very sacred number in the Universe) and counted upwards by one digits at a time I believe = 4.10, 4.11 and so on.

Then I saw what appeared to be like a label of this program (which I don’t really remember much about now) appearing in the corner of it and it consisting of several 1s on the right upper corner of it. I don’t remember the exact amount but I would say at least 7 or more.

Then I saw some biblical wording in front of me as well I believe and I do remember seeing the time 11:59 which has been appearing a lot throughout these works lately. 11:59 meaning the clock is about to strike the hour and/or that time is up.

The number 535 has been appearing a lot recently. And after going through several sources and websites I believe I have found the meaning of it and it goes along perfectly with these synchronicites.

According to the Greek version of Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of each word in the King James Version of the bible which was written in 1890, the 535th word happens to be ‘ἀπαρτισμός’ which translates to ‘completion’, ‘finishing’ or ‘perfection’ amazingly:

Amazingly, the gematria value of this Greek word happens to be another odd number which has appeared synchronistically = 1002:


The gematria value of ‘King of the World’, ‘Phoenix Rising’ and ‘Thomas A. Anderson’ (Neo’s name in ‘The Matrix’) have a value of 1002 and the gematria value of ‘1002’ spelled out has a value of 4100.

And a receipt I got from the store yesterday mirrors all of this as well:


After picking out several seemingly random items I needed without any intention of figuring out the final price as I went along, it totaled out to $77 even.

77 happens to be the gematria value of ‘Christ’:


And the transaction number is 4321 which could be seen as another countdown or ‘time’s almost up’ sign.

If we plug the total of the bill 77.00 into Pi we see it takes position 2337, another synchronistic number which has appeared before:


2337 appeared on a previous receipt with the time being 12:34 which is the reverse of 4321 on the other receipt:


Today’s daily bible verse goes along with these synchronicities as well:


The gematria value of this verse is 1365:


If we plug 1365 into Pi we see it takes position 2311, which, if seen as military time would be 11:11:


The number 410 is continuing to appear in the most amazing ways. It appeared on some clear coat which my step-dad and I used for a job we did for someone the other day:


Amazingly, 410 appears on my laptop battery charger. I’ve had this thing for more than a year and never noticed it!


As of the time of the following screenshot (May 13th, 2019) there was 410K subscribers on the Suspicious 0bserver’s Solar/Other News YouTube channel. This was the date a CME was released from the Sun directly at Earth interestingly:



I am continuing to see the word ‘King’ everywhere I go. I believe this is a reference to the title which is assigned to Jesus (AKA ‘Jesus The King’). Here are a couple of many examples:


And probably about a week ago I was guided to start drinking a gallon of water everyday no matter what. I don’t know how many days it’s been so far, probably a little more than a week I would guess.

What is interesting is that the last time I was guided to start making a similar dietary-related change, which at the time seemed to be very random until later on, it ended up being me eating a lot of raw carrots which I was strangely craving. This made way for a very easy transition into the unintended 58-day juice fast that I would do from February until April 2017:

During this time I experienced one of the most amazing synchronicities that has ever happened so far. While at the store during this juice fast I was approached by a man who identified himself as an Hopi Elder. He told me about the changes that we would be going through and even wrote an entire book about it called ‘Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: And the Coming New Heaven’.

Before he left he told me our meeting wasn’t an accident. Fast forward to when I went to home to look up his book, I found out it was published on my birthday, April 10th:


Talk about a mind-blowing synchronicity!

I am continuing to experience seeing the blue dots flashing in my peripheral and main view of vision in addition to small specks of white/yellow light which disappear as quickly as they appear, just like the blue dots/lights. The flashing of the white/yellow lights has been going on for a while now but it has picked up recently.

Today is definitely ‘God/Source’s’ day since after today there are 227 days remaining in the year:


We know this because 227 can be seen as equation where we divide 22 by 7 and we get the approximate value of Pi = 3.142.

Pi appeared in two different forms on Cobra’s recent blog post. The date he posted it was May 15th or 15/5 using the day/month format:


And as we saw earlier, if we plug 155 into Pi we see it takes position 314 or Pi:


And Cobra posted the same post at 3:14 PM so here we see Pi appearing again:


And in a previous post I shared a dream which took place on May 4th where I saw Cobra’s next update with a title that didn’t match the title of this most current update. However I have noticed that I have been getting Cobra’s next blog entry whether it’s a coded message or a situation update of some kind in dreams before they happen. So in this respect we can see that this prophetic dream did come true in a way:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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