New Video: Visions of the Golden Age 432Hz

Inspiration for this video struck last night while browsing the web and whatnot. It was definitely divine coming together of several benevolent things and ideas which ended up in the video. I hope those who feel guided to see this will enjoy it. I tried to use this song some time ago and I was blocked from including it in a video. Apparently it was ‘reserved’ for this specific video. Such is the case with many songs and video clips. Everything seems to be ‘already figured out’ somewhere and all it needs is to be put together in the physical world.

There is a special synchronicity that occurred while this video was being uploaded. Right before it finished processing, like literally seconds before, a planet-wide outage of several popular websites went down including Google, YouTube, Twitter, Target and many others: – All these sites going down exactly at the very same time. You might be surprised by some of these.

Zerohedge – Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch?

If that outage hadn’t happened, this synchronicity wouldn’t have been possible. It will probably be included in a future synchronicity report. I don’t believe the outage was done to cause the synchronicity, but it was ‘synchronized’ with the outage in order to manifest it. Sometimes negatively perceived events happen for a reason which is revealed later. This has happened countless times now.

Anyways sorry to ramble on. This video aligns with the Light Force’s request for all of us to envision the Golden Age and help it manifest faster:


“…The Light forces are asking everybody to visualize the bright future of the Golden age to speed up and accelerate the process of manifesting it….”

Thanks for checking this out everyone, wishing you all much love!

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  1. Moon Mama says:

    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Thank you, Jonathan.❤️

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