659/410/314 Continuing to Appear, More Second Coming Synchronicities, Family Experiencing Big Synchronicities, Uplifting Heart-Shaped Clouds & Other Synchronicities

As usual there is a non-stop occurrence of Jesus/Second Coming-related synchronicities occurring which I have been gathering and will be sharing below.

The ‘sign post/dream‘ number 659 has been appearing in the most amazing ways as well. This number appears throughout time and space as a guide to let me know the correct path is being taken. It has become one of the most important numbers in these works, right next to 410 and 314 (Pi).

The first example is found in the time index of the day when the orgonite forum called Warriormatrix.com, where I have been posting since 2015, yielded its most amount of visitors. It was July 23rd, 2011 at 6:59 AM. To verify this yourself simply visit the home page and scroll all the way down to the bottom:


The next amazing instance of this number 659 appearing is in the URL of the official Vimeo page for the short film ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’ (it’s a great film BTW if you feel guided to watch it, it’s $5 to rent it for 48 hours. It’s based on the true story of Valiant Thor visiting the Pentagon and ultimately attempting to invite President Eisenhower to sign an agreement with the Galactic Confederation to help humanity advance and evolve):



A variation of the number 659 has been appearing a lot lately as well, this time it is 569. So when I went to look up the information about this number I found that it was the 104th prime number. So here we see the digits of 410, but in another order, in relation to this very sacred number 659, which is also in a different order. Additionally, the 569th prime number is 4133, so here we see Pi being connected to these numbers as well, this goes along perfectly with these works, as I mentioned earlier. The most important numbers in these synchronicity reports are 410, 314 and 659:


Incredibly, if we add these three sacred numbers together (659 + 410 + 314) we get 1383:


A pretty odd number until we plug it into Pi. When we do this we see the sacred 659 in another form in the position number which was the number I was getting synchronistically for several days now, just AMAZING:


If we look up the meaning of the number 659 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that it was posted on October 19th, 2011:


And if we plug the date of that post into Pi we see the number 410 appear in the string of numbers:


If we plug today’s date (6/1/19) into Pi we see the sacred 659 in another form as the position number:


The magic number 410 continues to appear in other ways. It appeared as a time stamp for some severe weather occurrences in another location on the planet in a recent Suspicious 0bservers daily solar/planetary weather update:


There are some interesting synchronicities related to this upcoming Full Moon on June 17th that I will share below.

They are connected to some numbers which are connected to Jesus. While I was playing around the Pi calculator the other day I found that the number 7177 took position 888 and we know 888 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek:



7177 is the 917th prime number (the Universe loves expressing itself in prime numbers for some reason):


This is most interesting because one of the divisors of 917 is 131 and 1:31 AM will be the moment of maximum point of that Full Moon here in Arizona:


If we plug 917 into Pi we see it takes position 341, which are the digits of Pi but in a different order:


The date of this Full Moon will overlap June 16-17th. June 16th also happens to be Father’s Day here in the United States. I wish to make it clear that I am not predicting anything happening on that date or any other date unless otherwise given in a dream.

And now I would like to share some interesting stories. For the past year or so my family has been experiencing the most amazing synchronicities possible. Some of them don’t really see them for what they are sadly, but one day they will look back and be blown away at the sheer magnificence of them.

Recently my youngest brother, his wife and their son have relocated in order to save money to buy a house. This required them to move their stuff into storage temporarily and I was so delighted when he texted me and told me that the storage unit he was assigned had the digits of his birthday in them. I told him that this was a synchronicity and that it was a sign that he is on the right path.

I wrote some time ago that the apartment number he used to live in for a short time was number 410 and while moving some stuff into that apartment we got into his car and saw all 1s on the odometer. He is very immersed in the Matrix, about as much as someone can be, but these synchronicities are making headway with changing that.



My mom and step-dad are continuing to experience synchronicities as well. For instance, their marriage is a prime example of this. As has been written before, I believe they are soul mates.

They met and got married after only a month or two, they said ‘they just knew’. They got married on the Summer Solstice on June 21st last year. This is significant because neither of them are into following astrology, so they unintentionally got married on an important astrological date. They both have the same rare blood type and I calculated that their birthdays are exactly 2 years, 2 weeks (or months I think) and 2 days apart. Additionally, they found out that throughout their lives they lived close to one another in various parts of Arizona, like right down the street at one point.

I believe this is why we are suffering through a terrible time right now, because Archon/Parasites do not want this to happen. Our lives have been hell since this marriage and move and it luckily has slowed down a bit. But now there is some new problem almost every day or so. Luckily we were all born on Earth, so we are used to living in hell. Additionally, the digits of our house number, when multiplied together, equal 144. So there is another big sign that this is part of a bigger plan.

I have also found in dealing with everyday people while in town that they are going through a lot of chaos as well. While at the post office the other day there was a woman who was talking about how she just moved and started a new job and that her daughter was going through something similar.

So it appears that chaos is happening to many others at this time. It really is a shuffling around of what needs to go here or there so that all of the pieces can be properly aligned for The Event. It is very possible that people are being prepared for the Second Coming. That is what these synchronicities and dreams are screaming telling me. But we shall see. Only Source knows what will happen and when.

So another quick story here, while my mom and I were in town today we went to the Home Depot (home improvement store here in the US) to get a few things and I looked up and noticed the date April 10th (4/10 = my birthday) on one of the labels for the products on the top shelf:

IMG_8491 - Copy.JPG

She was also nice enough to take me grocery shopping and when I got home I analyzed the information on the receipt and got a very interesting hit:


If we reverse the transaction number from 8292 to 2928 and plug it into Pi, we get all 3s in the position number:


If we multiply the digits of the transaction number together (8x2x9x2) we get 288:


If we plug 288 into Pi we see it takes position 33, so here we see the 33 appearing once again:


And we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years.

Another quick story that was almost forgotten. The other day I wasn’t in the best mood and asked for someone ‘upstairs’ to manifest a heart-shaped cloud if they could. I told them I would love to share it with others who read this blog so they could be uplifted as well. And much to my surprise there were two instances of these clouds appearing. The first one has some other clouds that are a part of it but it is still heart-shaped. After I got the photo of the first one I looked up several minutes later and saw another huge one. I ran inside to get my phone but it already started to change shape, so actually it looks a bit like a heart with wings on it:


So there it is if you believe it, I believed it because they manifested not long after I asked for them to appear. All of you are loved and are being watched over. You are not alone.

And finally I will end this post with the daily bible verse for today:


The gematria value of this verse is 295:


Our house happens to be right near mile marker 295:


And this particular post number happens to have 295 in it as well:


This is everything for now. I would like to share a song I was synchronistically guided to just a day or two ago. It is titled ‘Can You Feel It’ and the lyrics are perfectly aligned with what we are going through right now. It is also interesting to note all of the Full Moons that appear in the video:

“Gunning, fighting, for the night
Take me for a ride
Feed me with your light
Running by the clowns
These fools they multiply
But I’m done with all these liars

Ain’t nobody’s gonna tell us how
Nobody’s ever gonna stop us,
nah nah nah
Ain’t nobody got nothing on you
Can you feel it?

I don’t know where to begin
But hold on my lover
You gotta believe
That it’s almost over
Just a little longer
Can you feel it?

I don’t know, when it will end
But we go my lover
Again and again
And it’s almost over
Just a little longer
Can you feel it?”

Much love everyone!

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