Huge Synchronistic Visit to Town, Jesus Synchronicities & More

There are some more synchronicities which I am being guided to share here which just happened during a visit to town.

There were a few things I needed from town and earlier I was debating on whether or not to go today or wait until Tuesday when I had something else to do there. But at a certain point I got the strong emotion which…how to explain this…it was like a strong emotion, mostly in the gut, which felt like a pull towards where I needed to go, which was the direction of where the town is located.

While the car was warming up I was guided to put together a few orgonite necklaces which I had been experimenting with. I was to put all of them together and bring them to town with me. Of course the reason for doing all of this is never explained until the exact right moment when it is revealed and so far it is ALWAYS synchronistic and important.

So the first thing I notice when I get into town is that there is a large art festival happening. It felt like all of that was going to be part of this synchronistic journey and it was, but not until later.

After going to the grocery store I saw that the time of checkout was 4:14 PM and this would be 16:14 in military time. If we plugged in the number 1614 into Pi we see it takes position 1610, which, if seen as military time, would be 4:10:



After this I got in the car and felt the emotion and directional pull of ‘ART FESTIVAL’ which meant that I needed to go there. So I drove around trying to find a parking space and found one where someone had just pulled out (exactly as I needed it) and I chuckled when I saw that the building name had ‘Q’ in it. This appeared to be yet another QAnon synchronicity. The business name was ‘On Q Financial‘, with a big ‘Q’:


Adding these next couple of synchronicities later on. So I was guided to get a photo with those numbers on the pole as sometimes there is hidden information within those digits. When I was playing around with these numbers I decided to split them into two numbers and add them in the direction of bottom to top so that would be 157 + 605. This resulted in the number 762:


And if we plug 762 into Pi we see it takes position 569, which are the digits of the sign post/dream number 659 in a different order:


So after realizing I had parked in exactly the right spot I made my way over to the art festival and I was blown away when one of the first booths was all about wolves including the artist’s name which was Carl Wolf. The wolf is my spirit animal and wherever it appears, in any form, including dreams, that is a sign that the correct path is being taken.

As I discovered, there were COUNTLESS depictions of wolves in several booths:

During this time I had my necklaces ready to give away but I was not guided to do so during this walk about.

So after walking around and checking everything out I went back to the car and got inside, but I got the emotion and pull of ‘GO THERE’, meaning to go towards the ‘On Q Financial’ building. I went to sit down on the bench there and I got the emotion of ‘LEAVE NECKLACE’. So I left the necklace there and I got the emotion of ‘CAR’ which meant it was time to leave that area.

After that I got the emotion and directional pull of ‘LIBRARY’, so I headed in that direction, but I thought that it might be closed since it was Sunday. But as I found out, even after all of the walking around and shopping I did without regards to the time, I had synchronistically arrived to the library about 10 minutes before they closed.

I thought about how I would leave the necklaces there since that was probably the last place I was going to visit for the day and then I thought about leaving them in some books for people to find.

The first book I thought to leave a necklace in was Dolores Cannon’s book ‘The Convoluted Universe Part III’. After trying to leave the library after that I got the emotion of ‘TAKE PICTURE’. So I turned back and got a picture of it. I was guided to put the necklace in the book on page 410. You can see the pendant part at the top of the book:


So I think I tried to leave again but I was guided to turn back once more and when I did I saw a section which was reserved for bibles and there was one big white book with the word ‘Angels’ on the spine. I was guided to turn to page 410 and leave another necklace there. You can see the pendant part of the necklace at the top of the book:


On page 410 there was information about Archangel Metatron and the color white in addition to some of the things he can do to help people. What is synchronistic is that in the weekly Key to Freedom Meditation (which I hope people are doing as it speeds up the timing of the Event) there is a part where one can call upon Metatron to help in the purification process on this planet which I did this morning. Was this Archangel involved in helping to manifest these synchronicities? Who knows for sure.


After that I got the emotion to check out the books that were for sale and I was guided to the New Age section and I got the emotion of ‘STRAIGHT AHEAD/HERE’ and when I was in the spot ‘they’ wanted me to stand in I got the emotion of ‘LOWER’ so I looked down and saw a book titled ‘Jesus and the Riddle of the Dead Sea Scrolls’. Then I got the emotion of ‘BUY’, so I bought the book (only one dollar) and then headed towards home:


This has been written about before but I will try to summarize it. For those who are interested in information about Jesus you might find the Dead Sea Scrolls of much interest. They were discovered in caves near Qumran which was the mystery school/community where Jesus learned a good portion of what he was taught in his younger years. The scrolls had information about the people who were living in this community. His mother and father were both Essenes and were carefully selected to be his parents who conceived him through sex. Not long after the discovery of the scrolls the scholars who were poring over the documents found that the scrolls were contradicting their beliefs and they stopped making the information public.

Based especially on information obtained by Dolores Cannon’s clients who were regressed to lives during the time of Jesus, Jesus 1.0 was a MASSIVE effort involving countless parties both physical and multi-dimensional. His incarnation was an absolutely huge operation which sought to overthrow the evil Roman empire and counterbalance the 13th bloodline of the black nobility by teaching the everyday people how to think for themselves and realize their true innate power. It was a ‘power-to-the-people’ effort. Jesus never wanted to be worshiped or idolized like what has happened now and he definitely wasn’t a savior. Archon/Parasites, with the help of everyday people, have turned everything about him into a mess.

Based on Dolores’ information, the Qumran community and the Essenes who lived there, was created and maintained for the purpose of bringing in the age of the Messiah. There is so much more to this but that is the long story made short. This is not including Edgar Cayce’s information on the subject.

So anyways after stopping to get gas on the way back home a kind woman pulled up and asked for directions to Phoenix. I realized a little while later that I gave her incorrect directions…oops…I pulled over to double-check what I had told her and found that I told her to get on the wrong freeway…Although I did tell her to double-check the directions just in case. But imagine my surprise when I look to my right and see a license plate on a van with 659 on it! Wow!


This number just appeared in a dream this morning which was written in the previous report. This number appears in dreams and in the waking state to help guide me and give me the next piece of information for these reports.

And finally this particular post number is 29875:


And if we plug 29875 into Pi we see today’s date, 5/26, backwards right behind it:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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