Numbers in Dreams, 410 Appearing, Gaia Portal, Jesus, Visit to Town & Other Synchronicities

So this synchronicity report will be less about dreams as the blog-worthy ones have not been manifesting as much, although there will be one that I had this morning which will go along with previously appearing numbers.

As with all of these reports it is suggested that people use discernment and if there is anything here they do not care for they are free to disregard it based on their free will.

The magic number 410 is continuing to appear in the most interesting ways. While checking a numerology website for more inspiration and information I found that the company ‘ClickBank’, which was the retailer for the products on that particular website, had its office at an address with the suite number being 410. This can be verified by going to the bottom of the page:


And while checking out information on olive oil I found that the ‘approximate’ smoke point for extra-virgin olive oil is 410 °F:

While playing pong online (had a few moments of serious down-time) the score ended up being 4 – 10:


While at the credit union making a deposit I saw on my receipt that the person that helped me was teller number 410:


There have been several numbers which have been manifesting recently (among countless others throughout the day) and while playing around with them I got some interesting results.

Those numbers were 234, 535 and 155. All of which have appeared at various points throughout these works.

So I decided to add all of them together and I got the number 924:


And if we divide 924 by 2 we get 462:


And the gematria value of ‘Christ’ happens to be 462:


I realize that is a lot of turns to get to that result but this is how it works sometimes. If I want the treasure of knowledge I have to experiment and work, not knowing what is going to be found or if it will result in a dead end. A few extra steps have to be taken to get the prize, assuming that is what it supposed to be done.

Another number has also been appearing prominently among the rest and that number is 655. This number appeared in the past as well but I decided to add it to the other string of numbers and see what would happen and the results were really amazing:


We get the number 1579 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 3354 which is another number that appeared in the most amazing way recently:


Within the same hour, 3354 appeared as the transaction number on my receipt from the store AND as the total price at the gas pump from someone who got gas before I got there:


I believe I found another meaning for the number 655 which did happen to be biblical which goes along perfectly with these works. But first I wish to reiterate some information about this number which has appeared in the past:

If we plug 655 into the base-10/base-8 converter we see the number 1217:


And some might remember that 12:17 AM was the start time of the Full Wolf Moon which we did our Return to Light meditation on:


1217 is the gematria value of the phrase ‘Christ Has Come Back to Earth:


According to the Greek version of Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of every word in the King James version of the bible which was finished in 1890, the gematria value of the word ‘τελειτε‘ is 655 and in English this word translates to ‘finish’, ‘fulfill’ or ‘accomplish’, among other meanings:


This comes right after I was shown the number 535 repeatedly in a short amount of time and as was written in a previous report the 535th word in the Greek version happens to be ‘ἀπαρτισμός’ which translates to ‘completion’, ‘finishing’ or ‘perfection’ amazingly:

Additionally, the gematria value of that Greek word happens to be another odd number which has appeared synchronistically = 1002:


This dovetails perfectly into the dream I had this morning where I was shown two numbers, 1002 and 659, on two parking spaces which were opposite of each other:


This picture is as close as I could find to what it looked like. Not long after seeing these numbers they both turned into different numbers but I don’t remember what they were. I don’t think they were synchronistic:


659 is a sign post number which helps let me know I am on the right path. It appears in dreams and in the waking state and has become one of the most important numbers in these works.

So I added these two numbers together to see what would happen and I got a hit = 1661:


This number appeared before and it is the gematria value of the phrase ‘What are the Odds of That?’


If we subtract 659 from 1002 we get 343:


And if we plug 343 into Pi we see it takes position 666 (originally a Goddess number) and it appears right behind a backwards 410:


Recently the Gaia Portal website posted an enlightening message (aren’t they all enlightening?) which had some hidden information:


The gematria value of this message is our sign post/dream number 659:


I would like to share some photos from a visit to town I made recently. I went to my scheduled eye appointment so I could get a prescription for glasses and contacts but I ended up arriving a bit early because I wanted to get to town right when the post office opened so I could ship the packages that people ordered from the orgonite shop.

I ended up taking all of the packages with me in a big bucket I had and ended up forgetting this in the post office accidentally. When I drove back to pick it up I parked next to a vehicle with a ‘Jesus on Board’ sticker on it. So it appears forgetting the bucket was part of ‘the plan’ in order to get this picture as this vehicle wasn’t there before:


So there ended up being a few hours between then and the appointment so I decided to walk around Walmart which is where the appointment was. And while walking around there were some interesting things that jumped out:

Right next to this wolf statue were several religious candles which featured Jesus on them. The wolf is my spirit animal and it appears in dreams and the waking state to help guide me.

So after walking around for a while I finally went over to the vision center and went through all the fun stuff; paperwork and all of that. And I got to see the doctor and we start talking about this and that and then I mention that I am vegan and this evolved into how corrupt the food supply is and how people aren’t taking proper care of themselves these days which ended up turning into us talking about David Wilcock who this doctor actually followed. It was amazing! He knew about Operation Paperclip and had a handle on pretty much every subject you can find in the ‘awakening community’. Best eye appointment EVER!

So then I felt so energized and I thanked the Universe for this encounter because I was seriously not in the best mood. I’ve learned that even though I like to be alone and enjoy solitude now more than ever, I occasionally need to be around people who actually know what the hell is going on here because being around people in The Matrix all day long is so damn taxing. It is frustrating to have all of this knowledge but not be able to share it with my most immediate relatives. But since I was born gay, I am used to living two lives so it is something I believe I have been prepared for at this time.

So after this encounter it was time to head back home. Except I got the emotion of ‘THRIFT STORE’ while driving in that direction. So I yielded and went into the store without knowing what to get.

And this powerful energetic force ‘guided’ me to the men’s shoes section. This is funny because earlier I had gone to Goodwill to find some used shoes but didn’t find any there and my shoes now, which were also bought used from that Goodwill, had holes in them and were really ready to be retired. So I found a pair of shoes which fit perfectly and were only $4. Woohoo!

And while there I decided to get some slippers for my grandpa-in-law so he wouldn’t have to tie and untie his regular shoes every time he took them on and off.

But while at the thrift store there was some interesting synchronicities that manifested. The first was a small group of decorative things (not sure what they were, maybe Xmas tree decorations?) which had wolves on them:


And there was a book on display which had ‘wolf’ in the title:


And there was another book called ‘1001 TV Series: You Must Watch Before You Die‘ which had a TV show called ‘Waiting for God’ on page 410:


To me this was a synchronicity in regards to waiting for God/Source to continue to get all of the pieces in this massive liberation operation in perfect alignment before the signal is given to begin The Event. This is just my opinion of course and not meant to be taken as a fact. And I don’t wish to make people think that they should just sit around and wait for something to happen, that is what people have been doing for thousands of years and look at the mess it has turned into. Finding out what your mission is would be a good idea, better late than never! If you are already doing it, then disregard this message.

So after getting the slippers for my gpa-in-law I decided to just go visit him and drop them off. We talked for a little bit and we visited the chapel (this is a religious-based nursing home) and I got a picture of the beautiful colorful window which featured some positive affirmations:


After that it was time to go home.

Today’s daily bible verse is also synchronistic:


The gematria value of this verse is 265:


Today is May 26th and this can be written as 26/5 in the day/month format which goes along perfectly with that verse.

Additionally, after April 10th (4/10) there are 265 days remaining in the year:

april 10th.png

This is everything for now, much love everyone!

PS Don’t forget to laugh once in a while (made this the other day):

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