Following the Synchronistic Numbers: 655, 929, 59 & Others (Second Coming)

So this will be a continuation of the numbers that have been appearing synchronistically over the last several days and weeks. My apologies about its length, I never know how many things I am going to find when I start digging and searching for information.

Today’s daily bible verse (the message of which I don’t agree with but it has relevant information within the numbers of the words) is as follows:


The gematria value of this verse is 929 and 292 which reflects today’s date = 2/9:


And 929 is the 158th prime number:

929158.pngI didn’t get a photo of it yesterday but I walked back to where it was just a little while ago to get this picture but 158 appeared on a power line pole near where I live:


Amazingly, if we multiply the first 3 digits on the pole together 498 (4x9x8) we get 288:


And we know if we plug 288 into Pi we get 33 which is how many years Jesus lived. The majority of the poles in this area start with 498, therefore it appears that this area might have also been created to house the Second Coming, similarly to the city of Phoenix (the keywords here are ‘might’, ‘maybe’ or ‘possibly’):


498 is the 3557th prime number:


And the 357th day of the year is December 23rd and this was the date I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus.


If we plug 3557 into Pi we see a 156 at the end of the string of numbers and this number also appears on a power line pole near-by (we also see 628 at the beginning which is the result of 314 + 314):



If we look up the meaning of the repeating 2s and 9s on the Angel’s Numbers website we see that it was posted on September 29th or 9/29 interestingly, which is in-step with the gematria value of today’s bible verse and today’s date = 2/9:


While looking up the meaning of the repeating 9s and 2s instead of 2s and 9s (there are meanings for both combinations) there were a few 7s and 9s in the view count:


And if we follow these numbers and look up their meaning we find that the page for the 7s and 9s was posted at 1:14:


If we look at the 1:14 as a date or 11/4 this would be the date that the largest solar flare ever recorded took place:


And the time it began was 19:29 so here we see more 9s and 2s.

Another number that is connected to 7s and 9s is 278 which also appeared on a power line pole:


If we plug 278 into Pi we see it takes position 977 so here we see more 9s and 7s appearing:


We also see 910 backwards behind 278 and 9/10 (September 10th) was the date the massive X8.2 solar flare took place which occurred 6 minutes after starting our meditation for Hurricane Irma. This was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a mass meditation.

And we know the gematria value of ‘Beginning‘ (αρχή) in Greek is 709 and 7/09 was the date I began compiling these reports onto one page.

The number of the verse of the day is 1 Thessalonians 5:9 and if we plug 59 into Pi we see it takes position 4 (a number that has been manifesting more by itself lately) and appears behind 265:


And after April 10th there are 265 days left remaining in the year:


And we know 59 is the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’:


The next number to strongly make itself known is the number 655. I knew this would be the number to look into after going onto Stillness in the Storm and seeing a headline cover photo with a phone that had the time of 6:55 on it:


If we plug 655 into Pi we see the number 2621 appear as the position number:


If you can believe this, 2621 is the 381st prime number and the previous article to this one was all about the number 381:


If we plug 655 into the base-10/base-8 converter we see the number 1217:


And some might remember that 12:17 AM was the start time of the Full Wolf Moon which we did our Return to Light meditation on:


1217 is the gematria value of the phrase ‘Christ Has Come Back to Earth:


If we plug 655 backwards 556 into Pi we see that takes position 1725 and there are some 2s and 9s appearing after it (like the gematria value of today’s bible verse):


And if we view this 1725 as military time it would be 525 and this number is connected to previously documented numbers as well:

One of those numbers is 1394 and this takes position 525 in Pi and 1394 was the result of adding the main numbers of a certain post together:


And we also see our numeric ‘sign post‘ indicating we are on the right track = 946. This number is one of the main numbers that appears when doing this research and lets me know that I am on the right path. For instance, it first appeared on an electrical box near my old apartment:


If we plug 525 into Pi we see several numbers that have appeared recently within this recent stretch of reports:


From left to right we see 195 which is 591 backwards which just appeared.

809 is one that also just appeared.

720 is the gematria value of ‘Wolf’ (λύκος) in Greek (my spirit animal).

And finally 659 is the gematria value of ‘Enlightenment’ and when plugged into the base-10/base-8 converter results in 1223 which was the date I had a QHHT hypnotherapy session.

This particular post number is 27701:


And we know 277 is the 59th prime number and 59 is also the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ which we saw earlier.

If we reverse 27701 to 10772 we see it appears right behind 59:


27701 are also the digits of 2701 which is the gematria value of the first verse of the bible in Hebrew.

If we look up the meaning of the number 2701 we see it was posted at 3:51:


And interestingly when we divide 1103 (my birth time) by 3.14 we get 351:


The gematria value of ‘I Am God’ in Hebrew (אני אלוהים) is 153, the mirror of 351:


And we also know 2.71 (similar to the post number = 27701) is Euler’s Number which is another number which continues to appear throughout these works.

27701 is the 3022nd prime number:

302202.pngAnd if we plug 3022 into Pi we see it appears right behind the number 92 which is one of the main numbers of this article:


We also see a combination of 567 behind 3022 and in the position number as well and if we plug 657 into Pi we get 410:


If we reverse the 3022 prime number to 2203 and plug this into Pi we see it takes position 1910:


And 1910 as military time would be 710 and if this was a date in month/day format it would be October 7th and this was the date I had a dream showing me the bible verses John 4:4 – 4:10.

Another power pole line has the number 273 on it:


If we plug 273 into the converter we get 421 and this number just appeared recently:


If we reverse 421 to 124 we see a number that was just written about recently as well:

Another pole had 272 on it:


And the gematria value of the words ‘God’s Plan’ connects several of the synchronicities in this post:


From left to right we have 322 and this is similar to the 3022 we saw earlier as this post number which is 27701 and this is the 3022nd prime number.

Next is 272 AND 273 which I have pictures of in this article interestingly.

The gematria value of ‘The Beginning’ is 272:


272 is also the value of ‘Jesus Christ Second Coming’:


And also ‘Thousand Points of Light’:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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