Trump/Celebrity Dreams/Satanism Dreams, More Prophetic Numbers in Dreams, Galactic Wave of Love Synchronicities, Clock Striking the Hour Synchronicities & More

There have been some very interesting personal synchronistic developments which will be shared in addition to some positive messages from dreams for those who feel guided to read this.

As usual there is difficulty trying to figure out where to begin. It’s like looking at a bunch of puzzle pieces on the ground and deciding which order to start putting them together.

There is one dream that might be of interest to some. I don’t know if it is something that happened or will happen but as with many of these dreams I leave the interpretation up to the reader. The first one was regarding an assassination attempt on Trump and Melania:


Then there was a strange dream regarding Sammy Davis Jr., someone I’ve never researched before but is someone who has a commonly known name. I haven’t been able to figure this one out, so maybe it’s meant for someone else:

August 3rd, 2019 06:32 AM

Sammy Davis Jr. member of secret group that called players ‘cookies’.

Had couple of dreams of being caught up in these groups. They are involved in professional sports and what looked like prestigious universities. Lots of wealthy people. They would torture them/us horribly if they/we didn’t do as they/we were told. I saw a black and white video scene of a woman who as one year old at the time it was taken. I saw another woman in full Victorian clothing in the carriage.

It seemed to be a video of the playing grounds before it became a playing ground. It looked to be like a private property with a very high-end looking horse-drawn carriage taking a trip on those grounds. These people were in a very bad situation. There was a lot of emphasis on balance and dates in time.

I’ve received three more numbers to research in two separate dreams this morning as of the time of this writing. I got the first number from the following strange dream which had the strong theme of Satanism:

August 7th, 2019 04:01 AM

Dream where my grandparents took us three kids to a buffet in the hotel we were staying in. When we get there it’s very awful. The seating wasn’t good and the decorations were very underwhelming. When we finally picked our seats we went to pick the food and some of it was on the ground. Most of it looked to be homemade.

It also wasn’t lit very well. I tried to pick up what looked like a square container of applesauce from the ground but my phone light wouldn’t turn on no matter what I did. The woman there said this was a temple and I knew immediately that this was  a Satanic temple. Then I went over to another table to try something else and nearly knocked over this tall standing light fixture which had a fire going in it.

The people were raising their eyebrows. Then I saw a sign with the number 6 highlighted twice under one another with the number zero under those. I realized their demonic spirits could pick up that I was of the Light and so they were causing havoc. I tried to document this as a dream on my phone in the dream but couldn’t get it going. I ended up not eating anything I think.

So that’s the first number I got, 660, which we will get to momentarily. The next dream gave me the next two numbers:


Sometimes the context in the dreams, where these numbers manifest, is not important, only the number is, which I dig into until I get a ‘hit’. But other times, like in these dreams, the context is important because the information found regarding these numbers is congruent with what happened in the dreams.

For the number 660, obviously we know the Cabal co-opted this number 666, which was originally a Goddess number, and used it for nefarious purposes and for now people associate it with evil.

So upon researching this number further I found that according to the Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of every word in the King James version of the Bible in English, Greek and Hebrew, that the Greek and Hebrew words identified with the number 660 are (ἀποτινάσσω/apotinassó) and (אֶפְעֶה/epheh).

The Greek word ‘apotinassó’ translates to ‘to shake off’ and the Hebrew word ‘epheh’ translates to ‘(a kind of) viper’. So if this is interpreted correctly it means that the Cabal (vipers) are going to be ‘shaken off’ of the planet. This is aligned with what I experienced in the dream where we were in a Satanic temple and that the people there could be seen as vipers and I was the Light knocking things over.

The next two numbers in the dream after that were 555 and 3555 and that is the order in which they appeared. I opened the yearbook (which could represent the past or the ‘old world/The Matrix’) and I saw the number 555 immediately and then I think I turned it to the front cover and saw 3555. Those who use the Angel’s Numbers website know that the appearance of the number 5 repeating means very big changes manifesting, usually of a personal nature, although these messages seem to be meant to be relayed to the public.

Using Strong’s Concordance again, the word identified with the number 555 is (ἀπέκδυσις/apekdusis) which translates to ‘a putting off/casting off’ (like a removal of clothing).

This may go along with the word identified with the number 3555 which is a Hebrew word (כְּוִיָּה/keviyyah) that translates to ‘a burning’.

My own interpretation of all of these words, especially in this particular order of arrangement, means that the Cabal (vipers) are going to be ‘cast off/shaken off’ with the ‘burning’ of the electric fire of the Galactic Central Sun and the ‘old world’ (yearbook) is going to be ‘cast off’.

Here is a couple of quotes from Cobra regarding this series of events, one from a previous mass meditation and another from a different blog post:


“…the energy of electric fire of liberation will flow from the Galactic Center (the Pleroma) throughout the Solar System and all Galactic Command Light forces, and will be channeled through Eris and Kuiper belt, then through Vesta and asteroid belt, through the Moon (especially Mersenius and Tycho lunar bases of the Light forces), though RM2m special task force underground and then through all groups meditating on the surface of the planet…”


“…Their [Cabal] personalities and soul essences will be destroyed with the Electric Fire into the basic elemental essence. Electric fire of the Central Sun will disintegrate their Causal body (vehicle of the soul). Individualized spark of the soul will be then dissolved, with all memories and individual traits erased. It will return into the Source and will have to start a new cycle of evolution from the beginning…”

Now I told ‘them’ (higher forces) this morning, “you know you guys could have just given me a single dream depicting all of this…instead of giving me all of these numbers to research!” This one really threw my brain for a loop!

But ‘they’ have their reasons for everything. One important thing to note is that these numbers are being associated with the Judeo-Christian bible. Something I have never in my life had an interest in researching, which still applies to today. I am not big on any religion and never thought of it as important to read any religious scripture. But since these are The Jesus Synchronicities, this apparently must be important.

If someone else has a different interpretation of these numbers I would welcome them to share this in the comments section if they feel guided. I personally wasn’t able to find anything else regarding these numbers but maybe someone has another idea.

I have one more number which goes along with this theme of liberation from the Cabal. It is the number 5320 and this number manifested as the transaction number on a receipt from yesterday, August 6th:


The Greek word with this identification number is (φανερῶς/phanerós) which translates to ‘open, manifest’ (to come to Light), which is exactly what is happening on this planet right now and especially when the Event happens which is going to be the beginning of Full Disclosure of all crimes against humanity, among other things.

If we plug 5320 into Pi we see today’s date, August 7th, (8/7) appearing right before it:


I have found some interesting possible connections between QAnon and the Galactic Wave of Love.

The amount of time between the two dreams I had about the Galactic Wave of Love is 414 days:


If we plug 414 into Pi we see it takes position 384:


If we follow this number and plug 384 into Pi we see it takes position 17, and we know the letter ‘Q’ is the 17th letter in the English alphabet:


Additionally as interesting, the gematria value of the three master numbers of numerology (11, 22, 33) spelled out is 384:


A possible personal connection here as well. Someone (Thanks Moon Mama!) had pointed out some time ago that the gematria value of my full name (Jonathan Patrick Carty) can be reduced to 11, 22 and 33.

If we plug 112233 into Pi we see the number 5555 at the beginning of the string of numbers:


And 5555 was the address of the hospital I was born and worked at. Just as interesting, the 112233 appears 17 places after the 5555 in the above string of numbers. Not making any claims here, just pointing out some things which may or may not be anything of importance. Discernment always advised here!


Some might remember from the previous report on August 2nd that the number 815 had made itself more known, especially regarding the Galactic Wave of Love. There are too many things to list from that report so I won’t post them here. But yesterday I received an e-mail from David Wilcock (from his occasional newsletter to which I am subscribed) that the date August 15th, (8/15) is a milestone date for the Alliance:

August 6th, 2019

“…Furthermore, a critical milestone for the Alliance will be crossed as of August 15th. All of our best sources indicate that this will rapidly lead to the declassification of a huge treasure-trove of new documents…”

Additionally as interesting, I was guided to watch ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ the other day and the synchronicity of the ‘Clock Striking The Hour’ manifested in the movie in the form of a giant clock which would manifest a new horrific challenge for the players to survive every hour (Hello, Earth life!). But at midnight and noon the clock struck the hour in the form of large lightening strikes hitting a large highly-conductive tree.

Image result for hunger games clock

This is also going along perfectly with these ‘time’s up/clock striking the hour’ synchronicities which have been manifesting a lot over the past several months. It’s important to note that if one researches metaphysics and how the passage of time is different on the higher planes than it is here, they would know that one minute on the ‘higher planes’ would be the equivalent to possibly several months here in the 3-dimensional physical plane. So from ‘their’ perspective this is happening very fast but from our perspective it is going (painfully) slow. So this might be the explanation for why these ‘time’s up’ synchronicities have been manifesting for months.

Another synchronicity which goes along with this theme is when we plug 1200 (noon/midnight/clock striking the hour time) into Pi. 1200 appears right before our sign post/dream number 659. This number manifests in the dream and waking state to let me know the correct path is being taken:


If we subtract all three dream numbers in this post from the sacred number 5558 which Benjamin Fulford talked about we get the unremarkable number 788:


If we plug 788 into Pi we see it takes position behind the sign post/dream number 659:


(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

Today’s bible verse number, 27:1, is synchronistic:


2.71 is known as Euler’s Number and is an important formula for calculating compound interest and growth and is very well-connected to the magic number 410:


I wasn’t going to add this next part but ‘they’ wanted it in here. Today is August 7th and this is the 219th day of the year in addition to being the approximate midpoint of summer in the Northern Hemisphere:


And we know the gematria value of the phrase ‘Second Coming of Christ’ is 219 as well:


And another personal update here. I am still being guided to continue juice fasting and drinking a gallon of water everyday. The blue dots are continuing to appear in my peripheral and main field of vision regardless of the eyes being open or closed.

Emotional clearing has been intense… No, no… extreme, as usual, and it is unclear when it will finally stop. Although yesterday I had an interesting experience with detachment, something I’ve never experienced before. I won’t go into the entire thing but I remember at one point just being overwhelmed with everything happening personally and on the planet and I just decided to totally let go of it all. I had reached the limit of suffering.

And at first I thought it was dissociation because that it what happens when a human is pushed beyond their breaking point but I had experienced that many times in life and this was different. There was a huge sense of blissful peace which came over me. All of the nonsense, the ego and everyday BS just disappeared. And then my mind became child-like, which is still kind of is. This event was precluded by a very extreme clearing (blind evil rage, etc.).

I experienced this same mind-set after I had my QHHT hypnotherapy session and experienced an epic Dark Night of the Soul (same kind of emotional clearing) and then my mind started over. Like from zero. What was interesting about that was before the session I felt like an old, old man in a young man’s body, both physically and mentally. I was ready to go back to God/Source and felt like I was going to expire/die, which I did, mentally. And the mind is the government of the body so generally when the mind changes the body changes as well.

Unfortunately that child-like innocence didn’t last very long (thanks Matrix life), although it was incredibly blissful and amazing. I felt no negativity, no evil, no ego, no struggle or trauma. It was all gone. Like it never happened. It was truly a gift. And the same thing has happened again. Hopefully it is not so temporary this time!

So in this particular incarnation, I have been reborn three times, mentally. Once when I first came into this body, the second time after the QHHT session and Dark Night of the Soul and then for the third time yesterday. Of course everyday we are a new person, especially when we learn something new, the old you is gone forever the next day. But this phenomenon is most unusual and worth noting I believe. Perhaps it can be useful one day.

Additionally, last night while I was experiencing this wonderful new innocent consciousness I was lying in bed and the most amazing sensation of warm, loving energy completely enveloped me, like a blanket. For several minutes I seriously though the Wave of Love was finally hitting us! It was beyond words and I visualized what our life would be like if everyone felt this way all of the time, which is what I believe will happen eventually. I saw our Galactic brothers and sisters partying together and just having the most wonderful time imaginable. There were lots of colors and rainbows everywhere. Everything was vibrant.

It was like being on ecstasy (MDMA) which I did a lot of in my younger years. But this was much more than that. It was the most divine and purest loving energy one could imagine. It was unconditional love to infinity and beyond.

So finally I will finish this report with this beautiful song by Enya titled ‘Aldebaran’ which appeared as the first video in my suggested feed the other day on YouTube. The lyrics were in alignment with this synchronicity report.

This is everything for now, much love all!

“Long sleep,
Codladh fada,

Deep sleep.
Codladh domhain.

Get up!

Look down
Amharc síos

Walk with me through the red star.
Siúil liom tríd an réalta dearg.

End, end of the journey.
Deireadh, deireadh an turas.

Star, red star.
Réaltóg, réaltóg dearg.”


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