Number from Dream Connecting to Galactic Wave of Love, Upcoming Full Moon Synchronicities, Disclosure Dream, Orgonite Ice Test & Much More

I will again ask people who feel guided to read this to forgive the length of this post as there are several things which I am being guided to share here.

For the time being, as of the time of this writing, I have been guided to stop following current events and just focus on personal daily tasks. I have also been guided to start a juice fast again which began yesterday. This is coupled with continuing to drink a gallon of water everyday.

As usual it is difficult to figure out what to share first. Perhaps a dream from this morning containing a very interesting number, 2141. This number manifested in a dream where I was dreaming about a woman giving a presentation regarding the Cabal and one of the very last things I heard her talking about before waking up was the number 2141:


Any time a number is given in a dream, so far, it yields very amazing results. After digging and playing around with this number I found out that in the Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of every word in the King James Version of the bible in English, Greek and Hebrew, the 2141st word in the Hebrew version is (זָכַךְ, ‘Zakak’) which translates to “to be clean/to be pure” or in other words, “to cleanse”. This is amazing because this is what is going to happen to the planet when the Galactic Wave of Love hits us:



“…the Galactic superwave we are awaiting is the mid-cycle one, and will be significantly milder that the previous one that has caused the Gothenburg geomagnetic reversal, the terminal Pleistocene mass species extinction 13,000 years ago and consequently the deluge of Atlantis.

Yet it will be strong enough to dust off all darkness from our Solar System, peel it off from the surface of the planet and trigger the Event…”

Very interestingly, a video with the title ‘Phase Transition’ appeared in my recommended section on YouTube. We are currently experiencing a Phase Transition:


“…What we are witnessing now is a certain process called phase transition. Phase transition means that matter transforms from one aggregate state into another. A good example of phase transition is ice which turns into liquid water as we heat it. What is happening now on this planet in 2012 is a phase transition on subquantum level. It means that quantum signature (quantum fluctuation) of all matter on this planet is in a process of dramatic shift during this year.

This transition happens as a direct divine intervention from the Source through all dimensions of 11-dimensional stargates of Calabi-Yau manifolds. This has drastic implications on consciousness of all living beings on this planet. It means complete societal change from duality (light-darkness) based society into oneness (absolute Light) based society.

The key point of the transition from duality into oneness is dissolution of the dark reality and this will happen at the Event…”

[Additional information about this subject]:

Another amazing synchronicity has just manifested related to this dream number 2141. For the last couple of days I have been getting the number 815 and this is the date of the upcoming Full Moon (August 15th). I want to share here that I don’t intend to predict anything happening or not happening on any date. I share these things with the usual disclaimer of using discernment.

If we plug 815 into Pi we see it takes position 323:


If you can believe this, I documented a dream where I experienced the Galactic Wave of Love (it hit me in two non-physical energetic waves) on March 23rd, or 3/23:


Are you ready for another boom? The dream number I got, 2141, which is the identification number for the Hebrew word meaning ‘to be clean/pure’ is the 323rd prime number:


So last night I was strangely prompted to go online and use a random number generator. When the page loaded it came up with the first number automatically, 954 I think. Then I clicked the button to generate a new number and it was 815:


After doing some more digging there were a few more interesting things which came up regarding this number, 815, and its position in Pi, 323.

If we add these two numbers together we get 1138:


And after August 15th, there are 138 days remaining in the year:


This could also be seen as Pi day since 22 divided by 7 equals the approximate value of Pi = 3.142 and the appearance of Pi is significant in these works. Pi = God/Source. Another example of this from today. While in town I went to the store and the total came out to 14.13 which is Pi backwards = 3.141:


If we subtract 323 from 815 we get 492, another big number in these works:


492 is the gematria value of the following words and phrases using the same cipher: ‘Jonathan Carty’, ‘The Magic of the Circle’ and ‘The Power of Pi’.

492 is divisible by another number I received in the dream last year, 3444, which equals the sacred number 7:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.


If we subtract 815 from the dream number 2141 we get 1326:


If we plug 1326 into Pi we see it takes position 4992, so here we see this number appearing again in relation to these numbers:


The number 083 takes position 815 in Pi:


Interestingly, if we subtract 083 from its mirror 380 we get 297:


297 is the gematria value of the title ‘The Jesus Synchronicities’ which is what I have decided to call this very large collection of reports:


I’m being guided to share another interesting dream which happened recently, which I was hesitant to share because of how big the claim was. The context of the dream was strange and is difficult to explain now. There was like a switching of something regarding these arrests. I don’t remember it now but due to the planetary situation being what it is right now it sounds like it could be accurate (the arrests portion):


Another interesting dream involved seeing some amazing technology which could literally do anything. It was like a moderately-sized chrome-looking structure which was multi-purpose in pretty much anyway you could think of. I didn’t know anymore details about its function other than that:


It looked like it had a small platform and there were two circular arms which formed a small circle above this platform. It appeared to be built into a stoop in front of a building. It is difficult to describe. But it was AMAZING.

Recently while taking a walk I found another set of blue feathers; five this time (Blue Avian presence?):


After playing around with the gematria calculator again I found that the value of ‘Planetary Liberation’ is 1302, and this was the time Cobra posted his update regarding people being requested to do as much meditation as possible (1:02 PM = 13:02 military time). A note here, I don’t know if this is going to lead to planetary liberation or not, it could be another step regarding the Epstein case being blown wide open, but either way it would be wise to follow these requests by the Light Forces:



Here is a meditation video uploaded by Steven and Anita which some might find useful to do at this time. Personally I am doing this every 4 hours:

A new blog which is being updated by someone who claims to be part of the Light Forces wrote a report on July 30th, 2019 which featured information about the Cosmic Central Race appearing or being represented as Eagles. What is most interesting is that this same day (before I read the report) I was taking a walk and on the way back I saw an empty pack of ‘Eagle’ brand cigarettes and I was strongly guided to take a picture of it. I thought about how strange it was that ‘they’ (higher forces/guidance) wanted a photo of a piece of trash someone left out here. But it may have been in connection to that blog post:


Today’s daily bible verse has some interesting information hidden with its details:


The verse number is 29:2. The second instance of this number appearing in Pi takes position 3333 and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


292 happens to the gematria value of the phrase ‘The Clock Has Struck The Hour’, which has been a consistently appearing theme throughout these works lately:


Today is the 2nd of August or 2/8 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 33, so here we see this number appearing again:


If we add our number 815 from earlier in the article to its mirror 518 we get 1333:


If we plug 1333 into Pi we see our sign post/dream number 659 appear in the string of numbers. This number appears in the dream and waking state to let me know the correct path is being taken:


I’m also being guided to share a picture of what is called an ‘Ice Test’ which one can do with orgonite. If you place a piece on top or underneath of a glass of distilled water (this works best as this has no impurities or anything in it) and let it completely freeze, they will see that the energy pattern being emitted from the orgonite is frozen into the water. It usually looks like a beautiful egg/sphere-shaped form with beautiful spirals around it. This is one I just did the other day:

Before freezing:

After freezing:

Without glass:

Another strange and unexplained phenomenon is the formation of stalagmites in ice cube trays. The following photo was taken by me a few years ago as of the time of this writing. These occurred very often and were really amazing to see:

It really helps if people feel guided to buy orgonite as this is one of the ways I am able to support myself financially. So if anyone is interested in some there are some pieces including jewelry available in my orgonite shop!

The following song titled ‘Missing Home’ by Thomas Bergersen (amazing composer whose music I use regularly in videos) was just uploaded today which goes along with other ‘Going Home’ synchronicities which have been manifesting:

This is everything for now, much love everyone!

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  1. I’ve had enough synchs w/ you to where i thought id share what i felt guided to put together for a post myself this morning:

    ( i woke up in the middle of the night singing itsy bitsy spider went down the drain a few times , some time after waking i felt the pleaidians very closely and lyrics to the song i was listening to in the backround was matching my thought process’s . so this made me inspired to make post initially then i got the memory of the beginning of IT.. movie with the girl singing {goddess/ innocence} and how the being is a spider at the end as well. )

    There was a strange glitch i couldnt get off my post.. it what basically a pic of the post itself with the title “the breakthrough” and the date .. so after a few failed attempts to remove i figured it was a sign,, i then heard myself asking cobra if we are in some kind of 7 year time loop b/c i have been guided not only today but times recently to look at exact dates from 2012 and “sho-nuff” there was one august 5th post from cobra stating Oct.21st-Dec1st is the time frame for the event/Divine intervention

    i also experince interesting things with gemtria . I jot down the phrases that stick out the most from what typed in (which was a story in itself how i recieve the phrases that i input) and then for fun fill in the blanks .

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