Atlantis/Ascension Dreams, Negative Greetings, 410 Appearing & More

This report won’t be as lengthy or as number-dense this time. One of the first things are the strange dreams which have manifested over the past couple of days.

The other night I had three dreams in a row which all had some connection to Atlantis:


August 20th, 2019 03:18 AM

Watching this from above and from this man’s perspective. He walks into a gas station, he is 33 years old, looks around and learns that it is a trap set by 4 witches who want to kill him.

They eventually take him outside, it is night time, they have weapons which they try to kill him with. Some of the women are celebrities. He defeats them all with one weapon. A little girl tries to kill him too before that. She disappears when she fails.

Atlantis connected somehow. Then it’s over. There was a fire where they took him. All he wanted was some bread from the gas station. He goes back to an empty gas station, then I woke up.


And then the following encouraging dream regarding Ascension occurred last night:


The time I finished writing the above dream down was 23:37. If we plug this into Pi we see our sign post/dream number 659 appear in the string of numbers:


There appear to be some more negative greetings occurring here and possibly happening to my family. Recently my family took a trip to Laughlin, Nevada and at the same time they were there a man tried to rob the casino next door to the one they were in and another one as well. This led to a long stand-off where the cops shot him. Before my family left I asked God/Source et al. to protect them and make sure they were safe the entire time and thankfully they were:

We have another fire which is burning a bit farther away this time:


And some possible 5G technology was installed on the silo very close to us (blue-ish panels at the top). They just installed these in the past few days which was strangely and closely-timed with the shooting. I placed several pieces of orgonite around this area yesterday:


And interestingly, today, some people came to work on the big silver drum on the left side of the above photo. It could just have been internet-related (we have satellite internet here), but it is sometimes common that after towers are gifted with orgonite, workers show up to do some kind of ‘work’ on them.


The number 410 is continuing to appear. Last month in July it was predicted that 410 more earthquakes of 3.0 magnitude could manifest in California:

(Los Angeles CBS Local)

“…Seismologists are anticipating as many as 410 quakes of magnitude 3 or higher…”

While taking some time to watch Star Trek earlier today I went to choose an episode I wanted to see and chose the wrong one. The episode was interesting so I continued to watch it and a reference to Starbase 410 was made in the beginning of the episode. I tried to get a screenshot of the subtitles but the timing was off:


If we plug today’s date (8/21/19) into Pi we see 410 backwards right behind it:


This number 821 has appeared in the past and has several meanings including being the gematria value of the following words and phrases: ‘Light Transformation’, ‘Light is an Energy’, ‘Carry the Light’, the Greek word ‘Phanos’ (φανός) (Lantern), ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life’ (אֲנִי הַדֶּרֶךְ וְהָאֱמֶת וְהַחַיִּים), ‘Christ has Come to Earth’, ‘The Second Coming is Here’ and ‘Sunday’.

The number 510 has been appearing more and more lately. Upon further investigation into this number I found that the words assigned to this number in Hebrew and Greek according to Strong’s Concordance are ‘alqum’ (אַלְקוּם) which means “a band of soldiers” and ‘anóterikos’ (ἀνωτερικός) which means “upper”. One interpretation of this could be a reference to the Ascended Beings (higher band of soldiers) or some other higher beings which are looking after the situation here on Earth. This is just one interpretation of course.

This particular post number is 30615:


If we plug this into Pi backwards (51603) we see the magic number 410 appear in the string of numbers:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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2 Responses to Atlantis/Ascension Dreams, Negative Greetings, 410 Appearing & More

  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Ok…sorry to do this but when I read this, I think of you…
    In these writings by Pacal he speaks about the dark prophecies of Revelations which has 22 chapters in it. There is the 22 again…very interesting in these writings are his Law of the cube, and how god is numbers, and this cube/matrix is law and the number 13 is god. Some interesting stuff in this Mayan codcd prophecy of 19:19 and the wheel of time (fake time of the tower of babylon)
    Also interesting is the cube 11:11:11

  2. thankyourmuse says:

    MY FAVORITE PHOTO….LOL, the one with ‘the finger’ at the new 5G tower!
    I keep getting the $8.88 again…went to the store and bought different stuff and the total was the same as a couple weeks ago. Looked it up in Angel numbers and it’s a positive thing and not sure how or when that will all come to fuition but in Jewish Gematria were some interesting things that equal this number:
    The Holy Book of Eight
    Divine Plan
    The Eleven (saw 11:11 when I was playing sweepstakes numbers)
    Holy Spirit Flame
    The Ophiuchus A Sign (I was born on Dec. 16 and in Astrology they claim there were 13 signs and this being the one sign that was removed from astrology and my Bday falls under)
    Good things are going to happen
    Akin to Pandora’s Box
    Sagittarius Mars (the sign I am under current astrology)
    A Pink eye double phi
    The Four magic ingredients
    >Those were just a few of the jewish gematria…but for English Gematria are some interesting ones as well
    Donald J. Trump
    Saved in Jesus
    Righteous God
    Morning Star
    Holy Bloodline
    Holy Key
    Amazing Sacred Code
    Clearly Lucky
    The Trinity
    Owns Stars
    It’s all in the egg
    The art of the deal
    Do not give up
    <<<So many more but I thought it was interesting…especially about your ear clog, my ears and sinuses have been clogged for a week now. It's hard to sleep much less remember my dreams but the last nightmare is still on my mind….my daughter who had the key to a lock I was trying to lock but didn't want to do it without the key and we were going thru stuff in storage and she gave me the very pajamas I was wearing in the dream….I was going…oh man, why did you have to get me those! LOL
    Anyway, always interesting to read about your numbers and synchronicities.
    Blessings and Sweet Dreams!

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