Second Coming Dreams, 410 Appearing in Huge Ways, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

So this report will contain some pretty out there synchronicities including some dreams from this morning. These dreams were so amazing I was awake for a while thinking about them and throughout the day today. It was a series of about 5 dreams I would say all happening one right after the other when I would wake up and then go back to sleep.


I had a hard time sleeping last night and especially after these dreams. I felt very energized before and after it so I ended up sleeping in later than usual. The energy from this experience was so intense I followed up an hour later (didn’t go back to sleep, just kept thinking about it endlessly) with some more details about it:


‘Eery’ should be ‘Every’

As usual these dreams are reflecting the waking world where every little detail is accounted for, even something ‘negative’. I have been told many times to trust this higher guidance in every detail of my life.

Recently I was given the telepathic idea to begin re-watching a metaphysical TV show called ‘Touch’ which sadly only lasted for 2 seasons. They did an amazing job bringing metaphysical concepts and synchronicity to the mass consciousness including exposing the Cabal to a degree:

It’s about a little autistic boy who sees numbers everywhere and these numbers lead him and his father to the most amazing synchronistic situations (sound familiar?).

In the later part of the 1st season they encounter a Jewish man who tells the father that his son is likely one of the 36 holy people according to Jewish mysticism. I already wrote about this in earlier synchronicity reports.

These Hebrew name for these 36 people are ‘צַדִיק נִסתָר’ (Tzadik Nistar):

The gematria (important teaching in Kabbalah) value of this name is 914:


Amazingly, if we reverse this 914 to 419 and plug it into Pi it takes position…. 36:


The number 410 is continuing to appear in the most interesting and amazing ways. In the last week or so my Twitch account has been hacked twice and the second time was from an IP address which was connected to Australia with the post code 4101:


Recently an Indo-Canadian crime drama show titled ‘The 410‘ aired on May 2nd, 2019:

Supinder Wraich in The 410 (2019)

I saw the opening scene and it didn’t seem like something I wanted to continue watching. If we plug the release date 5/2/19 into Pi we see it appear behind 314 (Pi):


This next one is a bit of a mind-bender. Recently Cobra was kind enough to post one of my videos on his blog titled ‘Time to Come Home 432Hz’.

The time stamp on that post is 12:41 AM:


The sum of the divisors of the number 1241 is 1332:


Amazingly, the gematria value of ‘Metastability Event’ is 1332:


And if we plug 1241 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get the reverse of 1332 = 2331:


If we subtract 1332 from its reverse 2331 we get 999 which could be seen as another ‘time’s almost up’ synchronicity as the 999 would turn over to 1000 which is known as a number of completion:


After some plans not going the way they should have for today I was asked by my mom if I would drive way down to the city to pick up a barbecue grill for them. It was interesting that she asked this as soon as I told her my other plans weren’t going to work out. I knew immediately that there was something that was probably supposed to happen at some point today. I was guided to take specific pieces of orgonite with me. It went how it usually goes, I pick up some pieces and ‘they’ give me the emotion of ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

So while on the way there I saw 410 in a phone number which I did a u-turn to get a picture of:


And while going to the store to pick up the BBQ grill I found that it was too heavy for just me to load it up so I asked a near-by young man to help me. I told him I wanted to give him something to show my appreciation for helping out and I gave him the orgonite.

He replied by saying “wow this is crazy, I am planning on putting my two-week notice in today and then this happens.” I told him it was a positive sign and after talking for a little bit we went our separate ways. What was interesting was that he was wearing a Christian cross on his necklace. Yet another Jesus synchronicity.

After that I decided to go to the grocery store and while in line I looked up and saw three numbers on a screen related to which checkout lanes were open and their wait times, 656. This number appeared before and is the gematria value of ‘Messiah’ (μεσσιας) in Greek. Okay so literally as I was writing the word ‘Greek’ in the last sentence my RV door suddenly flew wide open…



And I gave the cashier a little green heart-shaped piece of orgonite which she said she was going to give to her granddaughter.

And on the way back I had to stop to get a photo of the appearance of Pi as the gas prices at a rural gas station:


Recently I was guided to go back and look further into the solar flare synchronicities from 2017 once again and I found something amazing. That was the last X-Class solar flare to occur as of the time of this writing.

As was already written, on September 10th, 2017 the sun belched out a huge X8.2 solar flare 6 minutes after we began our meditation for Hurricane Irma.

This was the first time we had ever used my own voice in a mass meditation video (video above). What is also amazing is that even the link to the automatic time zone conversion on Cobra’s blog ended with 410:


Okay here is the slam-dunk. That solar flare was an X8.2:

And it didn’t hit me until the other day but if we multiply 82 x 5 we get 410:


And of course 82×5 = 825 which is today’s date = August 25th.

Today appears to be a special synchronistic day of some kind. If we look up the meaning of the number 410 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted 8 years ago today, August 25th:


As was already written, the gematria value of the Hebrew word for ‘Firecrackers’ (חזיזים) is 82, the same as the level of strength of the solar flare, X8.2:


And finally a song titled ‘Peace In The Storm’ was uploaded just today by an ambient music channel I am subscribed to. The length when you click on it is 4:10:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Wow, I saw that video…both of them Time to come home and Time to come hoome (432hz). I didn’t know it was your video.
    Also, on 8/25 a woman named Amanda posted about how the forerunners would feel the consciousness wave in July and others in October. I did feel the shift in July…the light looked different and the number 8 keeps coming up for me…as in $8.88 as in the angel numbers meaning: This message is amplified in the form of Angel Number 888. It is important to find a balance in your life so the different realms of your world can exist in harmony. When you achieve this harmony, you will be able to achieve financial stability and wealth. In her article she stated the importance of balance and neutrality for the forerunners and if not they would not be feeling the experiencing the shift yet, so it was an interesting article.
    On Gaia Portal it said:
    Blue spirals of the Higher Fractal design comes to the fore.
    Specializers of the Light are employed and viewed with delight.
    hu-manity leaves its shanty village.
    The blue light spectrum as I understood it was Arch Angel Michael, not sure about this but also the light spectrum of Jesus and he is mentioned as being a Pleidian. Not sure if you ever heard of Eddie Page, but he was one of 33 children that were conceived here by Valiant Thor, the stranger at the Pentagon. The Vatican and the CIA and Pentagon all knew of these special children and they kept close tabs on them. Eddie’s story is fascinating, you can still find it on you tube under Project Camelot, but his channel was taken down, because he was revealing too much info and they didn’t want him to. He also got a visit from these ‘people’, factions of the CIA so I think they made him take them down. Also the facebook page as well. Anyway, he says Jesus is his brother, and they share the same ‘Father’ and says he knows the season they will arrive but not the date…he says it’s in the Bible. So much info he did share. Anyway, thanks for sharing your dreams and such. Eddie says the ones who Jesus will be coming to pick up will know where to go because they will hear the call. Have a great day! 😉

    Heavenly Mansions are entered.

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