Trip to Tucson Synchronicities, 410 Appearing, Messages in Dreams & More

So recently we took a trip to visit a relative in Tucson and there were several synchronicities which manifested.

We left on September 6th, (9/6), and came back just today. If we plug 96 into Pi we see it appears after the number 555 which has been appearing a lot recently:


And if we add the year to this, (9/6/19), we see 555 appear behind the number once again:


While driving around the number 410 manifested in the form of the address for a church:


While we were watching a movie on the smart TV at the place we rented I noticed a commercial for Amazon where 410 appeared in the address:


So here we see 410 appearing again throughout time and space.

The gematria value of today’s daily bible verse is 657:



If we plug 657 into Pi we see it takes position 410:


While at the store I got a checkout time of 09:53 AM and it was at store #22 which is a number that has been manifesting a lot recently:


If we plug 0953 into Pi we see it appears right after 410:


We decided to go to the casino, not my favorite place to be but there was something for everyone there, including synchronicities.

When we went to go eat I got the number 33 card to identify my order and we know Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years. This number continues to appear in the details of my life and many other places which has been documented in previous reports:


It appears that this casino may have been using the boy-lover pedophile symbol as part of the decoration of their logo:


A similar logo was present on the way to Tucson as one for a construction company:

Image result for agate construction

We got $10 each for food at the casino for signing up with them. The coupon number is 4010656 which contain the magic 410 in the beginning and the number 656 which we know is the gematria value of the Greek word for ‘Messiah’ (μεσσιας).


We stayed in a place with the address of 9228:


This wasn’t by accident, of course, as when we plug 9228 into Pi we see it takes position 40404 and the triple 4s means Angels are guiding the situation:


There are a couple of dreams that I will share below which have some interesting information in them. The first one occurred the morning before we left for Tucson:


I want to say that I was half asleep and awake when I saw the 134 on the clouds which didn’t give me any kind of indication of any meaning. And I wasn’t sure about seeing the 555 in the dream or not either.

But interestingly the gematria value of ‘God’ (θεον), ‘good’ (αγαθον) and ‘holy’ (αγιον) are all 134 in Greek:

But the time the dream was documented, 3:08 AM, is important as this number has been manifesting a lot recently. Some might remember that the biggest solar flare ever recorded was on November 4th, which was the 308th day of the year. I’m not trying to draw any conclusions here, just pointing out some patterns, I’m sure the true purpose of this number will manifest itself in time.

So just for fun I decided to add some of the numbers in this report together to see what would happen and the number 852 resulted. I’ve had interesting luck in the past and something else interesting came about from this:


In Strong’s Concordance the word assigned to the number 852 in Hebrew is ‘ath’ (אָת) which means ‘sign’ (context = sign from God).

If we add just the numbers from the previous dream (308, 555, 134) we get 997:


And the word assigned to this number 997 is ‘boétheó’ (βοηθέω) which means ‘to come to the aid of’. So this could be interpreted as a message from God/Source that help is on the way to the people of this planet

And the other dream occurred the other night while in Tucson:

September 7th, 2019 06:06 AM

My friend and I infiltrated this newly moved-in cult which set-up shop inside our very large grocery store which was also a community gathering place. It was basically the same as Scientology but they had all the same tactics as other cults.

They lured people in with distorted knowledge, manipulated them into giving them money (up to $11k from one person), isolate them from their families, control their diet and so on until they made them their slaves.

So my friend and I got in there and I found a binder filled with supplies and information regarding their practices. I made it out with two sheets/sleeves which appeared to contain pockets which had pills and other items in them which were used to control people and my friend made it out with something else which was critically important; financial documents I think.

I almost thought she didn’t make it out at one point. I tried my best to sneak out with what I had. I wrapped the sleeves with some paper and made it past the large line of people and members of this well-organized cult until I was away from them.

After I got out I tried to call my friend but didn’t have her number for some reason.  I was worried about her, but then she walks up to me in the store and we begin discussing our findings. The cult gathered on the second story of this grocery store which wasn’t lit well and sadly very popular. The people were totally reeled-in but now we had everything to expose them.

This particular post number is 30789:


IF we plug this into Pi we see it takes position after 908 which is today’s date, September 8th, or 9/08:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Always interesting….today I deleted all the emails that were junk, and they totaled 111….LOL, and the other day it was 111 left after deleting emails….but today is the 999 portal opening according to a blog, and the end of the old, letting it all go and beginning of new it will be interesting to see what synchronicities you encounter today. Interesting about the 33, I get that one too alot but also am a 33 in the total of my birthdate. Anyway….enjoy!

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