Fall of Roman Empire Synchronicities, Jesus Dream, Twin Flame Synchronicities & More

So there have been a couple of interesting dreams which have manifested last night/this morning in addition to some other synchronicities which will be shared here.

Some might recall that I had a dream regarding today’s date which turned out to be the date of the fall of the Western portion of the Roman Empire in the year 476 A.D.:


(History) September 4th, 476 AD | Western Roman Empire falls

“…Although Roman rule continued in the East, the crowning of Odoacer marked the end of the original Roman Empire, which centered in Italy.”

I found some interesting synchronicities related to today’s date and the fall of the Neo-Roman Empre which exists (not for long) today. There are 1,543 years between today and the the year 476 on September 4th:


If we reverse 1543 to 3451 and look up the word(s) assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance we see that it is the beginning of a bible verse which goes along perfectly with this anniversary of the fall of the Roman Empire. The word is ‘yeshimah’ (יְשִׁימַה) which translates to ‘let death seize’. The rest of the verse is quite telling:

(Bible Gateway) Psalms 55:15

Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

Obviously there is no real hell (except for Earth for many people sadly) but these Cabal people who have not chosen to surrender to the light will be going to the galactic central sun for restructuring.

Image result for game over meme

1543 happens to be a prime number:


And also as interesting the divisors of 243 can be all 3s (and we know Jesus lived for 33 years and that the Universe does everything in 3s):


Okay here is the first dream from last night:


So we know July 4th, 1776 was the year the Declaration of Independence was signed by the founding fathers here in the United States. This goes along with the theme of today’s date which is the anniversary of the fall of the Cabal’s empire.

So this number 1776 backwards with two digits less would be 4771. And after playing around with this number I found out that the word assigned to this number in Strong’s Concordance is ‘margoa’ (מַרְגּוֹעַ) which means ‘a rest’. I got excited about this because I considered that it might mean that we/I can finally rest and be done with planetary liberation efforts at some point (hopefully soon).

The next dream involved Jesus interestingly (who was a huge problem for the Roman Empire):


In the dream we were gathering for some kind of special event in this beautiful house which I originally documented as a mansion, but I only saw a couple of rooms so I couldn’t tell for sure if it was or not. But my grandmother was there and we were preparing for this beautiful and wonderful event where apparently I was going to play the pipe organ which was inside this house. (It’s interesting to note that I played the wedding march for my dad and former step-mom when I was 14 or so).

I woke up at 5:55 AM to write this dream down and this number has been appearing A LOT lately in the biggest ways. It is one of the front-and-center numbers recently. I thought of this dream as a possible connection to meeting my Twin Flame which is part of the Ascension process. Pipe organ/family gathering = Marriage?

This may dovetail into the next development I experienced yesterday while taking a long walk on my usual route around the area. I was having a serious self-conversation regarding the Twin Flame dreams I have been having and while I was walking and talking this out the most amazing synchronicity occurred. While looking to my left and still thinking about this issue there was a heart-shaped piece of cactus which was right there in front of me. This was so perfectly-timed I just laughed:


I decided to just go with the flow and to totally trust God/Source in this matter since that’s been the name of the game for the last year or so. I felt a big rush of energy, like excited energy when I finally stopped resisting this. It was like ‘they’ were saying ‘FIIIINALLY’… Give me a little credit guys, I’ve had to change/learn/do a lot in a very short amount of time…

Also while walking back home there was a beautiful monarch butterfly which flew within a few inches of my chest (near the heart-chakra area interestingly) and then flew away.

According to channelings of Eric Kleine which were given to Cobra/Smaly7 by a contact in the Brotherhood of the Star which was uploaded to YouTube it is usually part of the Ascension process to be reunited with the Twin Flame:


“…One aspect of Ascension is that generally you are reconnected with your Twin Flame essence. And it is quite beautiful. The longing to be reconnected with the Twin Flame, to have the ideal relationship, the ideal love expression is a very strong drive in human beings…”

So I have asked ‘them’ to help me find this person. I have no idea who they are, where they are, if they are even incarnated here, nothing. In another dream I was told it would be a slow but synchronistic process towards meeting, so we will see.

I did some digging into the number 724 which is very special because it is a combination of 314 and 410 which are key numbers on this planet and in the Universe.

According to Strong’s the word assigned to the number 724 is ‘arukah’ (אֲרוּכָה) which means ‘healing/restoration’. This goes along with other similar synchronicities regarding a completion and casting off of negativity and evil forever which is documented in previous reports.

The gematria value of ‘arukah’ in Hebrew is 232, which is also the gematria value of ‘Let There Be Light’ (יְהִי אוֹר‬):



Interestingly if we add 232 + 232 we get 464 which we know takes position 1159 in Pi which could be seen as ‘one minute to midnight/clock striking the hour’ and this theme has also been manifesting a lot recently:


This number 724 is connected to my spirit animal the Wolf which appears in the waking and dream state to guide me. (7x2x4 = 56):


The gematria value of ‘Wolf’ is 56:


Today is September 4th which is the 247th day of the year, so here we see the number 724 in a different order:


If we plug 9/4 into Pi we see it takes position 58:


The gematria value of the phrase ‘The Glory of God’ (כְּב֣וֹד יְהוָ֔ה) in Hebrew is 58:


This phrase appears as part of the verse Exodus 16:10. 16:10, if seen as military time, would be 410, so here we have this magic number appearing again:


If we see today’s date as 4/9 instead we already know the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘hagnismos‘ which means ‘purification’. This goes along with these other synchronicities as well, especially with today’s date.

The number 410 is continuing to appear as part of major historical events. This time it manifested as an interesting synchronicity when I felt guided to watch Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’. I was interested in the song they were singing in the beginning which was about “Glory, God and Gold and The Virginia Company.” Basically this company was started on April 10th, 1606 by King James I and funded the initial efforts to build colonies on the Eastern part of the now United States.


This particular verse number is 30745:


If we plug this into Pi we see it takes position right after the number 733 which was already documented as being the number assigned to the word ‘gay man’ in Strong’s Concordance = ‘arsenokoites‘. This appears to go along with the Twin Flame synchronicities which is quite amusing:


So since my awakening I have been getting many numbers which has increased to pretty much constant at this point throughout the day. And many of them are unusual and complex but some are very simple. I don’t much care for the simple ones because they aren’t that exciting. But recently the single digit number 5 has been appearing a lot and ‘they’ wanted this included in this report.

This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Well….not so sure I believe in this twin flame thing….it’s like the airy fairytale stuff, but you seem down to earth on it and yes, go with the flow…will be interesting to see if you actually meet this person. I suppose patience will prevail, as sometimes the universe seems to take it at a snails pace to manifest things, especially if we fight it I guess. Cute cactus though, bet you saw that and said…OK>>>>I believe…like they say… ‘you’ll see it when you believe it’. 😉

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