Dream Time Stamp (4:01:10)/Jesus Synchronicities & More

Some might recall that I had a dream where I was given a time stamp along with a brief appearance of Jesus the morning of October 14th, 2019:


A couple more synchronicities have manifested which feature this time stamp 4:01:10 which is very interesting as you will see. It took a lot of researching to figure this out and I still don’t know 100% what this time stamp is supposed to mean.

So the first thing is a receipt I got from the store the other day which didn’t really give me any information on it. I searched and searched but couldn’t get any hits. I thought I had done something wrong or was out of harmony with the Universe because the receipts always have something important in them:


So here is the digging I did. I plugged the transaction number, 5747, into Pi and saw that it took position 3223:


Then I tried to add the transaction number to its position number in Pi (this has worked in the past) and I got the number 8970:


So then I thought about what would happen if I followed this number and plugged it into Pi and wouldn’t you know, our time stamp number appeared in the string of numbers:


But it didn’t stop there, the gematria value of today’s daily bible verse is 1028:



And if we plug 1028 into Pi we see the same time stamp number in the string of numbers:


These synchronicities appear to be strongly emphasizing the importance of this time stamp. The odds of these numbers leading to the time stamp twice from unrelated sources so close together in time should be zero, and yet they happened.

Additionally, we see the number 641 in between the 8970 and 40110 in the first Pi screenshot:


This is also a hidden ‘hit’. If we multiply 641 x 641 we see the magic 410 appear:


I was able to calculate this time stamp as ‘potentially’ meaning a countdown from the time and date I documented the dream in which it appeared in the form of being 4 weeks, 1 day and 10 hours and this resulted in the countdown ending on November 12th, 2019 at 16:42 (4:42 PM) which is the day after our Silver Trigger Meditation:


I want to make it clear again that I am not putting any faith into this as an actual countdown and neither should anyone reading this. At the very least it is just interesting but not something to bet your heart on.

This morning I had a dream (one of many as usual) where I was in some house with the air conditioning stuck running I think and I saw the time 9:56 on the little thermostat on the wall. It was a very brief glance and it didn’t seem important at the time which is why I didn’t write it down but that number stuck with me even after I woke up so I kept a mental note of it.

Well interestingly I looked more into this number and found that the sum of its divisors is 1680, which was just written about in a previous report as being the gematria value of the Greek word (χριστου) which means ‘Christ’:



956 is the ‘sign post/dream number’ 659 backwards and this number appears in the dream and waking state to guide me.

So the 40110 time stamp and 1680 appeared in the previous report and these new, seemingly ‘unrelated’ synchronicities/dreams are reiterating them which is so interesting.

While playing solitaire the other day the number 410 manifested in the amount of total moves that were made in the game worldwide:


This particular post number is 31300:


If we plug this into Pi backwards (00313) we get 856 which we can do a cool trick with:


If we plug 856 into Pi it takes position 255 and when we add these two numbers together we get 1111 (the day of the Silver Trigger Meditation):



This is everything for now, much love all.

PS Just noticed that I finished proof-reading this article at 12:23 PM and if we plug our ‘sign post/dream’ number 659 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 1223:



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  1. maya797 says:

    Hello Jonathan I envy you for your dreams. I used to have very vivid dreams and sometimes even could control them. I was able to control astral walking in different countries, sometimes controlled and also uncontrolled. By 2015, then has come a big slump. I think that has something to do with the major renovation of our city and with the Projekt Stuttgart 21. Many underground blasts were made to build underground tunnels. There are many other things that have significantly affected my dreams. All in all, whenever I was ready to get out of my body in a dream, I always got a loud, electric, mechanical, metallic bang in my head, so it flung me back in my body again… In the past, I could think of a person I had not heard from for a long time, and then I dreamed of that person and learned what was wrong with her, but that only works if there’s a close relationship to one another, that is, at the heart level. Today it is blocked, it does not work anymore, at least not anymore controlled and the Astral travel has become much rarer. The question is if there were any Scalar weapons involved that prevented me from exit my body in the dream because I think that was many times happens to me . The ability was not taken from me but the circumstances blocked it !

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