Jesus Dream, Numbers in Dreams, Good Vs. Evil Dream, Completion Synchronicities & More

So last night/this morning I had a few dreams which contained some information that will be shared here.

The first one was yet another Jesus dream:


Wall = Walk, Ti = It

Amazingly, the time the above dream was documented was 1:46 and this happens to be the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘sofe’ (סוֹף) which means ‘end/conclusion’:


The next portion of a dream I wrote down in two parts and actually both of these parts have synchronicities interestingly. Here is the first part:


I don’t remember that much about the music video except it was the typical modern-day hip-hop you find in the mainstream so it wasn’t that pleasant to watch but I saw the intro where it featured the artist’s name, the song title (which I really didn’t get a good look at) and the record company name which I also didn’t really see.

So after doing a little digging I found that the number 205 (which is half of 410 by the way) is assigned to the word ‘akrothinion‘ in Strong’s Concordance and this means (lit: top of a heap), first-fruits, spoil, treasure (taken in war). So this could be a sign meaning we are going to take the treasure in this war. The artist’s name ‘Cycle 205’ could mean that this is the final cycle which will end this war for good. The content of the video seemed to reflect the materialistic aspect of society which has become so prevalent.

The time I documented the dream is 5:18 and this is actually kind of funny (to me anyways), because the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘apaggelló‘ which means ‘I report (from one place to another), bring a report, announce, declare’. So with those two meanings put together it could mean that this dream is ‘reporting’ that we are going to get the ‘treasures’ from this war when this cycle finally ends. This is just one interpretation of course.

If we subtract 205 from 518 we get 313:


And this happens to be today’s daily bible verse number:


The word assigned to the number 313 in Strong’s happens to be ‘anagennaó‘ which means ‘(“born again, from above”) is used twice in the NT (1 Pet 1:3,23) – both times referring to God regenerating a believer (giving a supernatural, new birth)’. This goes along perfectly with these synchronicities as we are experiencing the ‘birth’ of a new era and a new Cosmic Cycle.

The other part of the first dream with the music video has some information in it:


The text of this video was so small I could barely read it so I’m not sure about the number 10:22:9. That’s just what it kind of looked like from where I was standing but I did get a very good look at the artist’s name but the rest I couldn’t really see. But if we subtract the 205 from the time the dream was written down, 5:28, we get 323:


And some might recall that March 23rd, 3/23, was the date I documented the dream I had about experiencing the Galactic Wave of Love:

So after digging and playing around some more I believe I got a couple of hits with the strange time stamp looking number 10:22:9 from the dream.

If we incorporate the time stamp from the other dream, 4:01:10, and subtract 10:22:9 from this we get 29881:


29881 happens to be the 3238th prime number so here we see the number 323 appearing again, in addition to the number being prime which the Universe loves to express itself as (in these works anyways):


Additionally, if we multiply the digits of 3238 together we get another sacred number, 144:


If we add the three dream numbers together we get 41:


The word assigned to the number 41 in Strong’s is ‘hagiotés‘ which means ‘sanctity, holiness’.

The last dream was a battle of Good Vs. Evil:


These beings attacked me several times by doing the sleep paralysis ‘sitting on your chest’ thing and trying to scare you to death (used to get these all the time) but I blasted love energy at them which threw them off immediately.

The number 410 is continuing to appear, this time it appeared as part of an article which was posted on Stillness in the Storm today:

(Stillness in the Storm)

“Researchers studied GP records dating between 1995 and 2018 of 217,758 patients aged under 18 who had experienced, or were suspected to have experienced, childhood maltreatment or related concerns, and then compared them to the records of 423,410 patients who had not…”

It appears backwards behind today’s date (10/20) in Pi:


The most beautiful synchronicity manifested in regards to this ending a cycle and beginning a new one. This particular post number is 31344:


If we plug just 313 in to Pi (the ‘star’ number of this article) we see it takes position behind 1000 which is a number that indicates completion:


If we plug in the post number 31344 we see it takes position behind 0001 which can be seen as a new beginning starting at 1 which goes along with the context of this article and previous synchronicities perfectly:


And finally another synchronicity which is in-step with the rest of these. When I went to pick out a video for this article I found one titled ‘Cycle’ (like from the first dream) which had 9,999 views (one more ‘point’ until completion = 10000). Much love all.


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  1. The dream at 1:46 with the conclusion gematria. Things concluded with healing. Dog is also god reversed. As far as the 144, on a past post you showed your drivers license and you weighed exactly 144 pounds, which I thought was funny. 144,000?

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