New Video: Freedom is Coming 432Hz

The song used for this video was just uploaded today, which is the case for many of these videos lately. The Universe gives me what I need at the right moment and I do my best to make the most use of it. There are no words in this video but the energy of hope, positivity and eagerness have been worked into it, mostly via the music.

Synchronistically, a song titled ‘Land of the Free, Home of the Brave’ was uploaded by a favorite composer, Thomas Bergersen, today which goes along with the theme of this video:


The following song with a similar theme in the lyrics just premiered today:


“…And we’ll follow the path that we believe in
No, we’re not gonna stop until we reach it
Oh, all you need to know is
That we’re holding on
We’ll rise up from the dust
And claim our throne…”

Additionally, today’s date, 10/25, is connected to the number 410:


The gematria of today’s daily bible verse is 401, the digits of 410 in a different order:



Hope you all enjoy this one, much love!

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