Another Countdown in Dream? More Completion/Finishing Synchronicities & More

Some very interesting dreams have been manifesting lately including another possible countdown.

In the possible countdown dream I saw the digits 410409 together like that floating in the air in front of me so I could see them clearly and then it changed to 410410. So it went up from 410409 one point to 410410. This is how I was able to determine that it might be a countdown.

410 is a critically important number which has been appearing throughout space and time on this planet. I’m not sure how this is possible but some kind of force seems to be editing reality, time and space in order for this number to appear in the measurements of international monuments, measurements of the layers of the Earth itself, movies and TV shows (usually related to Jesus) and as dates, times or other connections and to major historical events including the fall of the Roman Empire which is happening again right now (history repeating in cycles/spirals).

The last countdown I documented contained these digits 410. The dream occurred on October 14th, (14/10) and the countdown number was 4:01:10 (this report was documented previously and the countdown ended at a point when the Schumann Resonance went wild.) There were no reports or intel, that I am aware of, on what occurred at that moment unfortunately.

Here is the dream with the possible countdown from the other night:


So when I figured out that this might be another countdown (took a little while) I started calculating dates to see which seemed to make the most sense. Again, this is all done on faith so please exercise discernment.

The date that makes the most sense would be seeing these digits as:



This would be from the date and time the dream was documented. This is what worked for the last countdown. This ended up being December 28th, 2019 at 11:00 AM (Arizona time of course).


What I found most interesting what that December 28th is the 362nd day of the year and this number just appeared in the previous synchronicity report as a result of numbers given in a dream. The word assigned to the number 362 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anamenó‘ and this means ‘I await (one whose coming is expected)’.

The total amount of time between these dates converted into hours is 988 and the gematria value of the Greek word ‘Thesauros’ (θησαυρος) which means ‘Treasure’ is 988:


Will there be a treasure waiting at the end of this countdown, assuming it is an actual countdown? Time will tell. I encourage people to not put faith into any dates and continue to do their missions until we are finally liberated.

Another important dream manifested regarding the process of completion/liberation on this planet which appeared to be connected to the countdown dream I had the morning of the same day:


The next dream from this morning as of the time of this writing seemed to be communicating a word and concept which I don’t think exists in the English language:


English is a very poor language for communicating metaphysical concepts and ideas so I hope this was explained as well as it could have been. I don’t remember the other 3 syllables of the word but I think I recalled at least the first one properly. Perhaps it is another language on this planet.

The next synchronicity manifested on a receipt from today when I went to the store:


I kept getting dead ends until I multiplied the digits of the transaction number together. This resulted in 945:


After looking around for what this number might mean I found that the Hebrew word ‘athud‘ (ועתידתיהם) has a gematria value of 945 and this means ‘ready, prepared’:


This goes along with the other ‘prepare/completion/ready’ synchronicites which have been manifesting over the past several months, including on Cobra’s most recent post:

The last 3 digits of this particular post number are 636:


And the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘qatsah‘ (מקצות) is 636 and this translates to ‘an end’:


This is everything for now, much love all.

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  1. thankyourmuse says:

    Watched the movie arrival today, it was interesting on how those aliens viewed time and taught her how and she could access the future or past in her mind…strange but made me think about what your dream what about going back in time and changing how it went…so wondering if it changed things in this timeline or if there was something you might noticed that changed?

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